What is Attraction Marketing Pro: Is it Legit?

Welcome to my article talking about what is Attraction Marketing Pro!

In this article, I will go through the details of Attraction Marketing Pro that’s created by Brandon Brown. You might have seen videos on Facebook that’s sometimes floating around talking about this program. 

The fact that you are doing a bit of research before diving into this program is something to be applauded for. Because from my research, the only people have fall prey for this program are the vulnerable ones!

I’ve gone through all of their videos, seen their Facebook posts and even looked at websites of ‘supposed’ successful people online that have paid for this training – I’ll discuss all this below. 

Quick Summary

Name: Attraction Marketing Pro
Founder: Brandon Brown
Rating: 1 out of 10 
FREE Trial: No; only videos about how you can make commissions in the program;
(Also saw in a couple of place about being able to register for free webinars)
Cost: $25 - $5000 
(some of their websites say up to $2,000, while others say up to $5,000)
What is it?: Training to Help Internet Marketers
Recommended: NO!
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Table of Contents:

What is Attraction Marketing Pro?

Attraction Marketing Pro (or AMP) supposedly teaches people on how to ‘tap onto that 2.9 billion people in social media’ to scale their business. After doing a ton of research, I can quite clearly say that this is one of those programs that hype up what it has to offer to lure people into buying their program.

First, let’s get into the backstory of its founder, who seems to be someone named Brandon Brown. 

Who is Brandon Brown?

Brandon Brown claims to have done internet marketing since 2010 seems to be the driving force behind Affiliate Marketing Pro. It’s a little unclear on when he started AMP. 

brandon brown amp

I went through his Facebook video as well where he tells people to how he will teach people to attract customers instead of asking them to buy products. 

I personally never tried the products, because the prices are absolutely absurd! So, all the comments I’m making here is pure from research that I could find online. 

My First Impression of AMP

I knew immediately what kind of scheme this was. It’s mainly targeted towards those that are vulnerable and that are unfamiliar towards online marketing. 

Typically, those that are compulsive buyers and are in desperation to get out their situation are the ones that might go for this program. 

The website and all the claims in FULL OF RED FLAGS that the the buyers of this program have to be an amateur and a complete newbie to fall for it. 

Most of the ‘successful ones’ in the platform seem to only be successful by promoting AMP with the high price tag. The ‘claimed training’ that the website provides don’t have much to do with building any other businesses you have. 

Let’s get to the system details and see how this works.

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How Does The System Work?

The scheme of Attraction Marketing Pro is simple. You sign up for their course that ranges from $25 – $5000 (and supposedly, the more you pay, the more they teach you!?) and you try to promote their products to others so that you can get the commission in return from others that you bring into the program.

Looking at their website (which they seem to have multiple btw!?), this is the information I get about payments to their courses.

attraction marketing pro scheme

They have multiple ‘levels’ of programs that you can get into that ranges from $25 to $5000. The weird thing is, they have a FAQ down in the website below that states that the prices ranges up to $5000, while their website says it’s till $2000.

When I dug into it a little more, I found a few more videos that states that there is the ‘black diamond level’ which is worth $5000.

money scheme for attraction marketing pro

So, it’s hard to determine what amount of payments you need to make. Regardless, this was a big red flag for me already because any programs that are genuinely trying to help people never have this kind of mismatched information. 

These are all the packages and levels they have in the program:

$25 + $10 admin fee – Silver Package

$100 + $25 admin fee – Gold Package

$250 + $35 admin fee – Titanium Package

$500 + $60 admin fee – Platinum Package

$1000 + $110 admin fee – Diamond Package

$2000 + $500 admin fee – AMP Package

$5000 + ____ admin fee – Black Diamond Package

You will see that with each package, there’s also that admin fee. They seem to have just launched the $5000 package, so there is not much information about how much the admin fee for that is. 

This is how they are able to give 100% commissions to ‘sponsors’ who bring people into the program. 

For those that aren’t familiar with the term sponsor: A sponsor is someone that brings you into a particular program. Think of them like a recruiter or a referrer. 

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Another thing..

They also claim that they help people with ‘network marketing’ and that even people that have their own business can benefit from this course.

However, I found very little evidence to what they are claiming. What makes me doubt even more is that their main selling point for you to buy more expensive products is so that you could get higher commissions when you sell it to someone else. 

Their commission structure works something like this. 

commission structure attraction marketing pro

Imagine John is already in the program and that John recruits Sally for $5000. 

Now, Sally recruits Caroline for $5000 once she joins the program. Sally gets all of Caroline’s $5000 in her pocket. When Sally recruits another member, say Chris, that $5000 goes to John – who is Sally’s sponsor.

If you only pay the $200 package for the course, you can only earn $200, even if you recruit someone that pays $5000. That’s why they encourage everyone to join at the most package. 

Are you confused? I certainly am, and that’s why you should never join this program!

Not only is it confusing, they don’t provide ANY VALUE for you to be paying those extreme prices.

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Quite honestly, it’s hard to find anything positive about the program. The only part I can say is good is the fact that they provide 100% commissions to people. 

Look, I wouldn’t go as far as says that Attraction Marketing Pro is a scam. But, it is 100% not a program that you can do anything else with, except promote their products!

If you don’t really care about tapping onto vulnerable people so you could get their money, go for this program. Otherwise, definitely stay away. 


There are so many red signs for this program that it’s even hard to put a list to it. I’ll try to go through some of the main and important ones for you to consider. 

1. Price

Even though there are different levels, the bottom line is this. You need to get the maximum package in order for you to be able to do well.

If you only opt in for the $25 package, the most you can get is $25/sale, while your sponsor gets the remaining chunk. And to pay even a $1000 for this program is outrageous!

You can literally get a free training right here on this website that can help you earn income online!

2. No Refunds = Bad Training

Typically any program that asks you to pay such outrageous high fees upfront should allow you to get a refund IF they were a legit training program. 

I did a review in John Crestani’s review before, and even though he was also charging inflated prices, at least he offered refunds. Which told me at least the training was good enough they could offer this refund. 

They don’t have a very good site, they don’t have many success stories, they ask you to pay a super outrageous price and above all, they don’t even offer you a chance of refund if you don’t like the program. 

This is a big red flag!!

3. Misleading Information

Being open and clear about your information shows that you’re authentic and genuine. That’s why I hated the John Crestani’s system – they were not telling the truth when asking people to join. 

With Attraction Marketing Pro, it’s a similar scenario. I mentioned earlier about how they have different information about how much you need to pay. 

Misleading Information #1

Take a look at this.

affiliate marketing pro learning time

In internet marketing, there is no way you can be successful by only putting in 2 hours a week. You are still new, you need to work a lot and you need to put in a ton of work before you can start earning. 

Any legitimate program would tell you that. Others that are borderline scam, won’t!

Misleading Information #2

Have a look at this screenshot that I got from the website. 

who is attraction marketing pro for

It says Attraction Marketing Pro is for people that are looking to grow their home-based business. It doesn’t say that it’s for those that want to promote AMP and make money. 

While, their only sales strategy for people to buy their products is to show commissions they can earn. Even after going through 5 different videos, the only thing I heard is how much money you can make and how the commissions work. 

4. No Free Trials

You can tell the difference between a genuine program and a program that is just after your money – and that is with something called free trials!

They don’t even give you any snippet of the training in any videos. 

This tells you either of two things. One that they don’t have much of a training so don’t have anything to show for it. Or two, what they have is not very good, so they don’t want people to leave without paying after they’re in. 

Either way, I’m running far from this training. That’s why I joined this training for free, where I could really get an understanding of the program before I had to pay anything. 

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Final Thoughts

My last comments for this program is to tell you that you stay away from this program! Don’t be vulnerable and don’t get lured into that money hype of making a certain amount of money. 

I won’t say the program is a scam, but it is 100% trying to take advantage of people that are not familiar with how internet marketing works. 

Attraction Marketing Pro is all about making you excited so you fall into their program. It’s not ethical and you’ll just be going on to pull more vulnerable people into this program if you get into it. 

I’d recommend trying programs that are FREE to get started so you can understand what it is before you jump in. 

Feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts. 

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36 thoughts on “What is Attraction Marketing Pro: Is it Legit?”

  1. I really enjoyed going through this and I am solidly behind your opinion about attraction marketing pro. schemes like these are not really the best, Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways out there to make money on the internet, it earns you decent money and it is also a very interesting venture to go in

    • Appreciate your comment Collins. Yeah well I think the main problem here is that Attraction Marketing Pro is just promoting it’s own brand instead of really helping people – that’s why I discourage people to get in it.

      • Yeah that’s what I meant in my comment. Affiliate marketing is the best way for anyone to make money but this program is rubbish. Thank you for your efforts.

        • Haha, definitely. I agree with your point about Affiliate Marketing being the best method for online income. And I would not suggest anyone to go for the Attraction Marketing Pro – I’m really glad you feel the same way. Thanks for your comment Collins.

  2. If you ask me, the pricing is the first major red flag. Several training for several topics under the same niche splitter in different price. In the end, you would have paid a lot for the same knowledge. I checked your top recommended training and saw that it is a wealthy affiliate. Great platform, affordable training and other products like keyword toll and hosting in one package. This is greatway to give back for cash spent 

    • Thanks for stopping by Parameter. Attraction Marketing Pro definitely has an inflated price for all their courses so I’d say it’s the one you should stay away from if you’re looking for an actual value adding program that helps you gain knowledge. Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate helpful – it’s personally the one I use and the one that I find creates real value!

  3. I just saw your article on Attraction Marketing Pro . I believe what you stated is valid and I like how you explained all the points.  If not for your points.  I probably would have invested on it. I can’t be a part of what is 100% trying to take advantage of people that are not familiar with how internet marketing works. Thanks so much helping.  

  4. Hey Parmi, Great honest review you done here on Attraction marketing Pro. Can only imagine how much work you put into this , Thanks for sharing. Attraction marketing Pro just wants to promote their brand and those Vulnerable people often fall prey. Newbies who are looking to get into affiliate marketing should join platforms like Wealthy affiliate.

  5. Great post and I agree, people need to be more aware of these schemes. There are lots of them online and there is nothing entrepreneurial about them in my view – it takes more than 2hrs a week to be successful in any field. Well done for spreading more awareness on this.

  6. Very interesting article. It doesn’t sound like a good program at all. Thanks for your advice and I hope to learn from you further.

  7. Hi

    I am really disappointed  about these types of program  as to me they are nothing but scams. I think it is disgusting  that they have so many levels and in return you will be getting nothing original but the same old and tried methods that others have been used. 5000 dollars is very steep and they are trying to portray that you get paid automatically without doing anything. In reality, it’s not that way at all. Do you think that there are other genuine programs that people can use by targeting social media?



    • Thanks for your comment Antonio! Yep I agree – anything that is asking for $5000 and no trial is something you must have your guard up for.

      Regarding programs that you can use by targeting social media, I would say any program can be used by targeting social media. Social media is a powerful tool to gain audience and traffic into your business. The problem I see with Attraction Marketing Pro is that it uses unethical ways to sell itself and also charges inflated prices – so in my eyes, it’s not the type of business that you should be promoting in the first place.

      My recommended program also teaches you to leverage social media for your online business. What I like about their program is that it doesn’t have inflated prices and it also allows you a free trial without even needing a credit card to start. I would recommend you check them out regardless of what niche you are looking to get into.

      Does this make sense Antonio? Let me know if you need further clarifications.

  8. Wow thank you for the detailed article and dwarning. My wish is it reaches many desperate and vulnerable people before they fall into this trap. Attraction Marketing Pro has so many red flags and you outlined them very well. I am shocked at how they can get people to join the $5000 program without a free trial first.

  9. Wow, Attraction Marketing Pro does not look like a good option. Crazy how much they are charging and looking at even your screenshots from their website, it seems they are only looking for money. How do you think the 100% commission makes sense? Even with admin fee to the company, it doesn’t look like the company can earn much by giving 100% commission to the sponsors.

    • I’m glad you picked up that point. Yes, it’s quite odd isn’t it? The admin fee isn’t too much unless they have huge amount of people signing up – which, quite frankly, I find it hard to see with the scheme they have going on.

      I did a little research after you posted this but it’s so hard to find correct information for AMP. It adds to the reason why you shouldn’t deal with them.

      It seems like they have a little monthly fee (not exactly sure how much) for all the members that are already in the program. Perhaps this is one way they can sustain their business month to month. Regardless, it seems to me that they don’t have much of a training anyways – so perhaps they don’t require much of a capital to sustain them month to month.

      Thanks for your question JMason!

  10. Wow this program sounds like another of those scams out in the internet. Nowadays there are too many out there that claim to help you and give you a lot of money quickly but they are only looking to take money off your pocket. Any money you earn online has to require work commitment and hard work and a great training system. Anything else should be avoided. Thanks Parmi.

    • Appreciate your comment Nelson! Yeah, there are too many people out there just looking after your money so it’s important to be cautious. That’s why I recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a legit and a credible way to earn income. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  11. WOW! $5000!! This is crazy amount of money to spend in one go. Thank you so much for providing this information! I did not hear about this program before but now I know never to step foot into this program. From what you also tell me, it does not seem very legit anyways.


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