Wealthy Affiliate is a SCAM – A Must Read to Avoid Losing Money

Welcome to my article talking about whether Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam! I will talk about why people lose money in Wealthy Affiliate and why you must read this before you sign up.

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate or you’ve already read about it somewhere, and are just coming in here to get a further look, I’ll go through the reasons why people fail in Wealthy Affiliate and tell everyone it is a scam. 

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Table of Content:

Why Wealthy Affiliate is a scam?

I learned about Wealthy Affiliate back in 2017 and have gone through their training so I have full knowledge about what they teach.

Not only that, I’ve interacted with people there that have been in the platform since 2007! So, this gives me authority to tell you why people call it a scam. I will provide you 6 reasons. 

1. Getting Lazy

Being successful in Wealthy Affiliate requires discipline. It’s not a get-rich-quick kind of scheme. If you’re looking for something like that, I’d stay away from this platform. 

being lazy

One big mistake that I see a lot of people do is think they can earn money when they get immediately in the platform. They see a lot of successful people in the platform, but don’t realize the amount of effort they needed to make to get there. 

If you’re not willing to put in serious work without getting paid for at least 6 months, you won’t be successful. And you will go end up calling Wealthy Affiliate a scam as well. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a place for a long game, and not a quick buck kind of place. 

2. Blaming And Complaining

When you first walk into something new, regardless of what it is, what will happen? Yes, most likely everything will look confusing and new to you. 

I see this also happening with people when they first come into Wealthy Affiliate. You need to be willing to search and take initiatives yourself. 

Wealthy Affiliate has everything designed and its training is absolutely approved by all these successful people. The downside of Wealthy Affiliate is that they won’t spoon-feed you. 

If you want it, you need to ask for it. You can even message the co-owners, Kyle & Carson, for any help you need. They message you back pretty quickly. There is also a 24/7 live chat that you can ask you questions from. 

Plus, you can message any of the 100,000’s of members in the platform after you become a premium member. 

However, you need to take initiatives. You need to be the driving force. 

You will not get a website or traffic just handed to you. 

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3. Not Following Training

A big thing with Wealthy Affiliate has to do with following the training to the tee. Look at the screenshot below:

A hard thing for a lot of newbies is to stick to it and not deviate away into your own ways of thinking. It’s easy to follow the training and listen to what the experts have to say. 

If you are someone that likes to just listen to your own voice, Wealthy Affiliate will be a tough place for you to be in. It does give you an option to be open with any niche you like. 

However, it asks you to work hard on something that you don’t get see immediate rewards with. This can be hard to swallow for certain people. If you’ve always worked for money, you will want something after a hard day of work. 

You don’t get that from Wealthy Affiliate. You need to put in a lot of effort and trust the training without going off track.

4. Giving Up Early

Getting your website and your business rolling takes persistence – sometimes a long persistence. Everyone’s version of success is different, and everyone achieves a certain level at a different point in time. 

That’s why I see a lot of people leave Wealthy Affiliate and go around telling everyone that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. This picture sums up how people lose at affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven success, and Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 15 years. Yep, you can call it a scam all you want, but it’s teaching freakin’ works!’ 

Wealthy Affiliate is only for the gritty ones so I warn you to STAY AWAY, if you’re not gritty enough to walk through the tough initial period. 

5. Not Being Coachable

As I mentioned above in the ‘not following training’ bit, you need to be willing to improve yourself and learn from the training. In essence, if you just stick to your old ways of thinking, you won’t succeed. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, you need to be able to accept what they say – whether you like it or not. They will make sure you get to your desired success if you listen to them. 

You also need to make sure you’re constantly tracking your progress. Are you improving yourself from yesterday? Have you redesigned your website as the training tells you to do? Are you following the ‘golden traffic’ rules? 

If you’re not willing to change and adapt to new ideas, you simply won’t succeed and Wealthy Affiliate will be a scam for you. 

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6. Procrastination

This is another issue that I see people getting on with Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes they sign up too fast wanting money too fast. 

Let me tell you, procrastination has no place at Wealthy Affiliate. You will be told what to do, you will be shown how to do it and if you don’t do it or delay it, you won’t go anywhere. 

Wealthy Affiliate WILL be a SCAM for you without a doubt because you will fail to see the results. Any successful person that has achieved anything will tell you, a person that procrastinates will go backwards. 

Even If You’re In The Right Track, You’ll Just Get Run Over If You Just Sit There – Will Rogers

Why Can I say this about Wealthy Affiliate?

I’ve been a member of it for over 3 years. I’ve interacted with people that make 6-7 figure incomes and more importantly, I myself have gotten a full understanding and on my path to becoming a full time affiliate marketer online. 

I haven’t got there yet though, so how can I be so sure that this works? 

One main thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it really has a genuine sense of community and training that constantly gets updated. But I don’t want to talk too much about legitimacy in this article though – Go Here if you want to read my views on Wealthy Affiliate

15 years in business

Think about this yourself. Any business that is standing strong for 15 years has to provide some kind of value, correct? Otherwise they’d have gone out of business a long time ago. 

15 years in business

Why would people stay in their platform for training materials that don’t work. It has helped over 1.5 million entrepreneurs start their own business and it is still going strong. 

Last time I checked, it had record numbers of people joining in the recent years than ever before 

1-1 Contact with the Owners

Have you seen those ‘cheesy videos’ online where they claim to make you a lot of money? Some of them definitely hype things up, but even if they were true, the owners are never so much available. 

They have other people do the work for them. With Wealthy Affiliate, both Kyle and Carson can be seen daily active in the 24/7 live chat. You can even send them a private message and are willing to help you personally. 

chat with kyle

This not only tells me that they care about helping people, they also know their stuff! If they didn’t, they would never be so accessible. 

Real Success Stories

I have another article in the website that goes more in depth regarding this, so feel free to have a look. In short though, there are success stories having every day at Wealthy Affiliate. 

You will see the success posts from people within the community and even get a chance to speak with them directly if you want to.

success posts at wealthy affiliate

You will see stories from people that have just started out to someone that has been making full time income doing this for over 10 years. Anyone can log in for FREE and try this out, so it shows transparency while also tells us it’s a very legit training!

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Final Thoughts

One key thing I will say for those that are looking over Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly can be a SCAM – so be mindful of all the 6 things I said above before joining. 

If you’re reading until this point, you’ll see that Wealthy Affiliate is a legit and workable platform. But only for those people that are willing to do the work and are okay with a bit of patience to earn their income. 

It’s no get-rich-quick scheme, and you’ll be disappointed if you’re going for that route. There are no ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes out on the internet, and if there are, they won’t get you any long term success. 

Success is about persistence, hard work and continued learning believing in the process. It’s easy to get knocked down when your feelings are hurt or you don’t get the results quickly. If you give up quickly, you just won’t do very well at Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you’re willing to put in some sacrifice with a good work ethic, sign up here for FREE and I’ll be your personal 1-1 coach. 

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32 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate is a SCAM – A Must Read to Avoid Losing Money”

  1. Hey there. I must say that many people who say wealthy affiliate is a scam are probably not following the right steps and courses they are just looking for get rich quick schemes, and wealthy affiliate needs a lot of patience accompanied with hardwork as well and it’s not for anyone looking for quick money. I have been on this platform for a long while and I must say it is really worth it

  2. You are very on point, wealthy affiliate can be a scam if you don’t follow the training and you are not ready to put in the required effort. With the required effort and a committed heart you will succeed on the platform. But you must have a teachable spirit that is determined to learn and not give up early 

  3. I was confused seeing the title of your article, but after reading through thoroughly, I got to see the angle you were coming from. Wealthy Affiliate can indeed be a scam for those who are not patient enough. I believe it is all about getting the right understanding and making use of it. While it may take some people years to make it on the platform, it may take others less than a year or just a year to make it. So the conclusion to this is that anyone wanting to use the Wealthy Affiliate platform should have in the mind all the 6 things you have mentioned, because they are just as it is.

  4. Ah man, your title got me!! But I did read through! And I totally agree with you! It’s not a scam, but people could absolutely view it as one because they don’t look at themselves first. If you don’t put the work in and do what they teach you, you will not make money, and you will not make money overnight.

  5. For a minute I was worried.  Because I have been making money from wealthy affiliate. and yes after going through your article  wealthy affiliate can be a scam if you don’t follow the training and you are not ready to put in the required effort. That’s why you have to bee determined to do as much as we can to get the best.  

  6. Honestly speaking, I do not think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and I have seen no reason to say so since I joined the platform. But that is my own opinion, as someone may see or reason differently from me. The only thing I can say is that anyone joining the platform must be patient and willing to work hard inorder to make it big on the platform. Coming with a mindset of wanting to make money easily will definitely lead to frustration.

      • Yes I agree with you. I think for people wanting to make fast money but without working can lead to them quitting too. Have you seen anyone quit in the platform yourself?

        • Well, to be quite honest, I think there are a few people that quit because they find it too hard. But the motto here in the online earning world is that the only person who doesn’t succeed is the person that quits.

          In the platform, you never pay much attention to those that are not putting in the effort since you’re busy working on your own business. You focus on people that are doing well since you can use that as a source of inspiration.

          But the beauty of the platform is that you can try it for free – no credit card info required even – and see if you are willing to put in the hard work.

  7. Thank you for the helpful review. I guess its time we understand that real success is rarely an overnight think. its time we commit to the process . Being lazy and full of complaints never really helped anyone. There is a common saying that goes like ‘ results or excuses make your choice’. Wealthy Affiliate looks like one of those system that needs constant commitment to produce results , so commitment is key.

  8. Reading your other articles I was scared of this one when I read the headline. But soon realised how you were trying to bring this information. Very true. Wealthy Affiliate can be a scam for someone looking to make money very fast without any hard work. Thanks Parmi.

    • I agree Caro! I always tell people to not start with online business if you’re not willing to work hard. It’s no get rich easy scheme. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform only if you’re there for the long haul and for a sustainable long term income.

  9. Very well written article about how Wealthy Affiliate can be a scam for those that are not careful about their intentions when they come into the program. I love the program but I also know it requires a lot of hard work to get fruits from its training. Thank you.


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