Super Affiliate Program for Wealthy Affiliate – Trip to Las Vegas

Welcome to the post that will show you what the Super Affiliate Program for Wealthy Affiliate is!.

Quite simply put, a super affiliate program is where an incentive (an all expense trip paid to Las Vegas) is awarded to those that are able to fulfill the requirements given for a calendar year from Wealthy Affiliate. This program is for anyone – no matter where you live or where you’re from. You can take part in this program right now, if you choose to by getting started here for free.

Now, you ready to see what it’s like?

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The Unique Opportunity

At Wealthy Affiliate, they have a really cool incentive that is available for anyone. Literally anyone. It doesn’t matter your race, your gender, your religion, your sexual status, your age, where you are from and where you live. No exaggeration here, you can honestly grab this opportunity right now.

If you are able to generate 300 Wealthy Affiliate Premium sales from January 1st to December 31st in a given year, the trip is yours. How much is the cost of a premium sale? It’s $49/month.

There are 4.7 billion users using the internet daily and you just need to find 300 to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can literally start sharing in your Facebook and Instagram pages and just have your friends and family sign up for it.

Going to Las Vegas is great and you’ll get to learn all that takes place in Las Vegas later below.

But here’s the best part of it all. You can earn up to $23.5 dollars commission for every sale you make every month. That means if you get 300 sales in the course of the years, on top of the trip to Las Vegas, you also get to bank at least $7,050 on top of it. Now this is not counting any recurring sales that you may have.

What is recurring sales?

A recurring sale is when someone who has already enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate platform makes another monthly or yearly payment. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform where you can learn the ropes to make a full online business able to make six to seven income figure. Hence, it is quite common for someone that you enroll in the program to stick around for months or even years.

This means consistent income flowing in for you forever.

But, I’m not going to discuss this here. This is about the trip to Vegas, so let me get back to it.

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Here’s another little insider note for you. If you join later in the year, don’t feel like all is over for you. There is a little bonus that goes out every year, where you only require 100 sales from September 1st to December 31st in any given year. This is to support those that started out later in the year and give them a chance too.

It’s a lot of fun. You’ll meet tons of very successful online marketers. You’ll get a chance to reshape your life. Most importantly, there have been more and more people able to be ‘win’ the opportunity to go to the conference in the last few years. Why?

People want freedom. People want to get paid working online, so they don’t give away their time. They want to make sure they spend more time with their loved ones, and less time doing things that aren’t important. Yes, they win the trip to Vegas, and as a consequence, they also start their journey to be financially free the rest of their lives.

And you can join in for free to get started!

What takes place in the trip?

Quite honestly, the trip is more for you to relax and be rewarded for your efforts than anything else. It’s a four day “penthouse” conference with the top affiliates – the Super Affiliates – at Wealthy Affiliate. It is an opportunity for you to engage in discussions, ask questions to propel into new heights in the coming years, share about some failures and have a lot of laughter and fun.

How do you improve your conversions? How do you attract more people into any of the business that you are doing? These are some of the topics you can discuss and the Top Affiliates will be able to brainstorm ideas together with you to help you succeed.

Just to highlight all the points, here are the list of things that is given to the Super Affiliates that win the trip to Vegas:

  • Flights to and from Las Vegas (no matter where you live)
  • Luxury Hotel Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Ultimate, 5 star dining experience throughout the trip
  • Mingling with the Top Performers to rub shoulders from the best
  • Extra “$$$” will be given to you in Vegas for you to use however you like
  • Fun activities and engagements everyday (gambling, shows, dinners, drinks etc)
  • Potential million dollar conversations with the top business performers
  • Wealthy Affiliate branded items (mugs, pens, pad folios, etc)
  • New surprises every years
  • Private conference with the owners and multi-millionaire marketers

Why Las Vegas trip is so important?

Even if you aren’t so much for traveling or going to the high flying place of Las Vegas, I would say this particular trip is extremely enriching.

Maybe you only started reading this article because you wanted to go to Las Vegas. That’s great. You don’t even need to read this part, but it might benefit you long term if you do.

This trip is great also because it puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with the BEST affiliate marketers in the world! This means that 300 sales or that 100 sales you were able to make can be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled within a few years by learning from some of the veterans face to face that have been doing this for decades.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started                                                                   
Lesson 2 - How Does Making Money Online Work
Lesson 3 - Digging Into Your Niche
Lesson 4 - Creating Your Own Niche Website
Lesson 5 - Making Your Website Better
Lesson 6 - Placing Your Website in Search Engines
Lesson 7 - Crafting Your First Content In Your Website
Lesson 8 - Making Custom Menus on Your Website
Lesson 9 - Getting a Full Grasp of Keywords
Lesson 10 - Congrats on Completing Level 1 - Now to Level 2

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How can you go to Las Vegas?

You’ve already read above that you need to make 300 sales in a year or 100 sales in the last 4 months in order for you to get to Vegas. What strategies do you need to make that happen? If you have friends and family that you can easily convince to begin, that’s great. But, that won’t be effective long term.

So, let me talk about some of the ways that that you can actually get those 300 sales and more importantly make a solid foundation for your online business.

Get Trained

Make sure you know the ins and outs of what you are promoting. If you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others, it’s extremely important that you are a part of the community first so you can answer any questions that others may have. All of the folks that make it to Vegas always have a full grasp of the product so you definitely should too.

All of them also go through all the Affiliate Bootcamp training that is in the platform. This way, you not only know about the product very well, you can also learn to sell that product through Affiliate Marketing super efficiently online. You can even start the training for FREE here.

Work Hard

This may sound like a cliched statement, but it is so true in anything you do, especially this one. This trip is absolutely possible for ANYONE, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Here’s the thing. If you follow the training to the tee and put in an immense amount of effort, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to achieve it. The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that it also has a great amount of support from the community. They give you accountability and motivation to keep going.

Ask For Help

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help! The entire community in Wealthy Affiliate is there to support you. There is a 24/7 live chat support, you can private message with the top affiliates right now (with Premium) and I’ll be your 1-1 coach to support the entire way through.

You’ll have access to live sessions where you can get your questions answered or get any advice that you need. There is a SiteFeedback section in the platform that will allow you to get genuine feedback on your progress to make sure you’re not going off track. I’ll be able to view your website directly and assist you to make sure you make Las Vegas!

Always ask questions! You’ll go far that way.

**A Little Cherry on Top for the Ambitious Ones**

This little cherry is certainly tough for the new ones, but definitely attainable if you put you heart on it. This is achieved by multiple of the affiliate marketers every year.

If in a given year, you’re able to generate 3000 sales, you get a ROYAL VEGAS TREATMENT! You get a Bentley Mulsanne (there are only 10 of these in the world) picking you up from the Airport. The Bentley drop you at your very own SkyLoft – and you will be traveling to and from your hotel from your own Bentley! Plus, you get your personal butler for the entirety of your stay in Vegas!

This is also definitely possible for you! Remember, if you can get 1 sale, you can get 100 sales, or 300 sales or even 3000 sales.

Just to put it in perspective again, there are 4.7 billion active internet users daily. 3000 sales is essentially 0.00057% of users you need to hit – or in other words, very very very tiny slice. It’s very much doable.

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Final Comments

I hope this post came as somewhat of an inspiration for you. Regardless of what stage you are in your life, in the online money making world or even within Wealthy Affiliate, the trip of going to Las Vegas is possible for you! Never doubt yourself about what you can achieve and keep your belief in the things you’re doing.

Last point I want to make is that you need to take action! One of the biggest reasons a lot of people don’t end up doing what they want is because they think too much. Stop thinking and start doing. You’ll soon find yourself in Vegas.

Also, stop making excuses! If you want to go get something, there is absolutely a way for you to get it. The only reason you don’t get there is because of your BS excuses. You can either keep making excuses or take your first step right now.

I’ll be your #1 supporter all the way. Feel free to ask me questions below or in my Ask Me page – I answer to all of them personally.


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  1. I am a premium member on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I have read about the Super Affiliate Program for Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great opportunity to get to travel to L.A and meet Kyle and Carson. I have tried to make out plan to meet out the requirements for this, but it seems so hard for me. Nevertheless, I will continue to put in efforts and see how I can meet the requirements and get a chance to hang out with Kyle and Carson in L.A!

  2. Parmi, this is a great article about the super affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. I was wanting to understand what it is all about, or whether it is just another scam like all the others that are promised online. 

    But it is indeed heartening to hear that you have complete knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate and this is a genuine offer. 

    I didn’t even believe it when I read about it. I must say, the owners sure know how to get people to sell Wealthy Affiliate well. And why shouldn’t they … after all that is their business. 




    • Thanks for the comment Aparna! Yep, it’s absolutely real and I look forward to be a part of it in 2022! Keep an eye out in the future where I’ll post about me being there with them.

  3. WOW! That is quite an incentive for becoming an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate! I would love to participate but my audience is so low right now. I am working hard to build it up and create something great!! I love reading your articles about all the possibilities that we have to make money online!

  4. i always love to hear really encouraging stuff like this, it gives us that things will get better , and if it can happen to mr A then Mr B is no different, what you said about stop thinking too much, most of the time i spend  lifetime thinking about how to do something instead of just doing it already .

    • Yeah I think a lot of times we think too much and don’t end up doing anything. If we just take ACTION, it’s 100% possible. Thanks for your comment Babakes!

  5. This is something I hope to achieve one day. All though it looks like a challenging task for me, but I will still try to give my best shot at it. This is a great way to meet Kyle and Carson in Las Vegas. I think I will start making efforts towards meeting the requirements of 100 referrals in a year from the beginning of 2021.

  6. Very inspiring article. I hope to reach there one day but I know now it’s still hard for me. I’m still learning but I wish to get there in the future.


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