Starting The Online Marketing Business: Lesson 1

Welcome to the post about starting the online marketing business, which is lesson 1 of the free series of making money online! This is part of the Level 1 Free Training Series on Getting Paid Working Online, which essentially you teaches step-by-step on how you can make money online.

Lesson 1 is about Getting Started so you can have an understanding of how the basics of affiliate marketing and online money making works. You’ll see in the list below, which lesson we are at the moment. The table of content for this current lesson is below – you can use it as a navigation tool to move around this post.


Lesson 1 – Starting The Online Marketing Business <<<< This is where we are

Lesson 2 – How Does Making Money Online Work

Lesson 3 – Finding Your Niche Business

Lesson 4 – How To Create A Niche Website

Lesson 5 – How To Make Your Website Look Better

Lesson 6 – How To Get My Website In Google

Lesson 7 – Create Blogpost in WordPress

Lesson 8 – How To Edit Menus in WordPress

Lesson 9 – How To Find Keywords in Google

Lesson 10 – Congrats On Completing The First Level – Now, Moving To Level 2

Here's what you'll learn in Level 1: 
> How you can get involved in the community right away 
> Understand how to generate revenue online 
> Start making goals for your future - financial and personal 
> Get immediate access to over 590,000 niches 
> Start picking your NICHE for your online business 
> BUILD you own website with YOUR niche! 
> Grasp how you can make the best out of your website using WordPress 
> Learn a great way to make your website friendly with search engines 
> Make great quality content for you online business that is ranked in search engines 
> Learn how to search for great keywords 
> Create you own list of keywords for your Niche website

Lesson 1: Starting The Online Marketing Business

Firstly, a BIG WELCOME to you for getting started with this training! The fact that you made the effort to come here really shows that you are someone that is committed to learning the process of making an earning online. 

Remember, all what I am going to show you is from the training that I received from Wealthy Affiliate. I became a training affiliate from them and I’m just showing what I learned there. You can either go through the training here, or sign up for FREE and do the training from Wealthy Affiliate. 

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This training has helped over 2.5 million people learn the ins and outs of online marketing since it started in 2005, so you can be assured that is will be thorough and fully informative. You are also encouraged to ask questions or feedback as you go through the training. 

Table of Contents:

Important First Things to Remember

Before we get started with the training, here are 4 things you NEED to keep in mind, so that you can get the most out of the training. 

Anyone from anywhere can be successful online

With over 4.7 billion people using the internet daily, the internet is the biggest marketplace in the world. This means there are tons of people out floating around in the internet looking for things to buy – in EVERY NICHE! That is why nowadays, you can see people be successful in just about doing anything. The people that have taken this training, has succeeded in every niche possible, so you can too. 

It is OKAY to be overwhelmed at first!

Look, as you go through the training and as you do the ‘learn by doing’ part of the training, you will get overwhelmed. It is a given that anything you step into that you haven’t seen before, you will feel out of place. Think about your own life when you tried something for the first time. Did it not feel strange?

You will probably get a similar feeling if this is all new to you. Here’s the key. Stick through it! Remember, this is all a free training anyways, so trust the process and stick through at least the lessons in the 1st Level. If you have the attitude of not giving up, you will achieve what you set out to do!

You DON’T need any prior online business or technical experience

This is one of those things that a lot of people worry about and certainly it was one that I worried about when I joined. I tried to look around quite a lot in the internet to make money online but realized and the training that finally stumbled upon didn’t require any experience at all. Zero! No need to be a techie or business savvy! So, you’ll be able to do it!

You will go through a journey to achieve success

Think about anything you have achieved success on in your life. No matter how big or small, did you ever achieve that quickly? Every success that you achieved required time and cumulative development. The more effort you put in, the quickly you will see your results – but there will be bumps along the way. Don’t expect for a quick-money-scheme here. This is true long term success journey so be here for the long haul. 

A quick note here. You are able to achieve a success of making a good income even within a year, if you really put in a good 2-3 hours a day every day. But there is a learning curve. You probably won’t be making much money within the first few months. So, if you are not able to handle that, this might be difficult for you. 

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How YOU Will Be Successful Online

This training will go in detail on how you are able to be successful online. It can be in whatever niche you’d like. You don’t need your own product – if you have one, that’s great too. Regardless, this strategy is what ALL the people that have online business use to earn online. 

Look at the picture above. These are the exact steps to make money online. Let me go through each one in a little more detail:

Choose an Interest

This can be in whatever topic you want. As I talked about above, there are so many users online that any niche CAN make you money online. It can be something that you are passionate about, want to learn more about or even something that you have absolutely zero idea about. 

Build a Website

As I said before, you need no technical experience or background for this. When you follow along this training, you’ll actually have your first website built within lesson 4! It’s easy and the platform actually has all the different templates and one of the most sophisticated hosting platform in the internet!

Attract Visitors

This is also something that you will learn here on level 1! It’s not just attracting paid visitors, you will get a foundation on how you can get FREE visitors to come to your website. Just think back to that number again. 4.7 billion internet users daily. There are a LOT of free engagement that you get once you know how.

Earn Revenue

Once you have visitors to your website, it’s just a matter of monetizing the site. There are over 550 million affiliate products that you can promote (if you already don’t have a product) and in every niche you can think of. So, earning revenue is easy once you have visitors. 

Hopefully now you get the idea and potential of getting paid online?

Remember, the training will have every little thing that you need to achieve success! Level 1 will already give you a lot of it – and then you’ll know whether this is for you or not. The true purpose of this website is to help YOU get paid working online and provide all the resources available.

What YOU should do

As I said before, I want to help YOU become successful and get a full grasp of making money online so YOU can make the DECISION on whether this is something for you. In order for you to get a full understanding, here are two things you should do. 


You can jot down your questions or comments here in this platform or in the training platform inside. I’ll always answer the questions myself here and inside you’ll have over 100,000 people actively engaged. There are no stupid questions, and if you have a question on something, you can bet someone else does too. 


Learning without taking action isn’t contributing to your growth. You can read all you want, research all you want and watch videos all you want. But without TAKING ACTION, you just aren’t going to go anywhere. You just can’t have success without DOING. 

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. – Tony Robbins

Take Action Now

Your FIRST Task To Making Money Online

Okay, let me highlight the first tasks for you. This is same task that I took part in and that 100,000’s of successful people that took part in when they first started. 

In order for you to really immerse yourself with the learning, you need to have a community platform. Regardless of what you choose, that will help you get not only your hosting done, it will give you a chance to interact with tons of other successful people, people that are completely new and all the people that are working their way up. 

Why is this beneficial? This means you can relate to people. Chances are, you will find the exact kind of person in your level in the community. I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my platform because it’s free to get started and because the creators are a pro – they’ve built this since 2005 and helped over 2.5 million people be successful online. 

I’ll just go through the platform I’m a part of here so I can show you what it feels like. 

Once you do a free signup, you need to setup your account. This includes adding your profile picture, your bio and setting goals. 

You don’t need to put in your picture if you don’t feel comfortable – there are even standard pictures for you to get started. The bio is also something that is up to you – how much or how little you want to share. 

One thing I would keep a good grip with is the ‘setting goals’ bit. This gives you a target to aim at – whether it’s financials, whether it’s completing ‘x’ number of training or putting in ‘x’ amount of time everyday. It can be whatever, because it will pop up at your profile all the time and you can stay focused.

When you do hit it, you can re-add another goal with another time frame. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable but also puts you in the right track.

Some of the things that will happen when you set up your account:

  • Members in the community will know you’re a real person and will connect with you – you’ll get more followers!
  • If you ask a question, you’re more likely to get an answer quickly
  • It will show that you are here to make it happen! This means that the members will take you seriously with your questions, feedback or suggestions


Get yourself moving! Ask questions, connect with people, go look at all you can find in the platform and really immerse yourself in it. 1000’s of successful people online are in the community active right now! So, if you are someone that is TRULY aiming towards building SUCCESS, you will be clicking on every button there is out there in the platform. 

Here’s the great thing. Everything is geared towards building YOU and helping YOU. When you have the whole internet, how often do you venture off into something completely unrelated? It’s easy to do that because the internet wasn’t built to make you successful online. 

But, when you have a platform that is there to support you, you’re never going to venture off into unrelated areas. You’ll have me there all the time, but also tons of other people tracking your progress. 

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That’s the END of Lesson 1!

Lesson 2 is about ‘How Making Money Online Works’, so click here to go to Lesson 2 of “How To Get Started With Making Money Online” free training series.

I’m always here if you have questions or concerns. Feel free to send me a message or comment. 


Lesson 1 - Starting The Online Marketing Business
Lesson 2 - How Does Making Money Online Work
Lesson 3 - Finding Your Niche Business
Lesson 4 - How To Create A Niche Website
Lesson 5 - How To Make Your Website Look Better
Lesson 6 - How To Get My Website In Google
Lesson 7 - Create Blogpost in WordPress
Lesson 8 - How To Edit Menus in WordPress
Lesson 9 - How To Find Keywords in Google
Lesson 10 - Congrats On Completing The First Level - Now, Moving To Level 2

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  1. Very well organised Parmi. Taking this first lesson is the hardest step and it was the hardest step for me. You worry about it being a scam or people wanting to take money from you. It is free right here without paying anything so it gives you a chance to see you what is possible.

    • I agree Caro! Taking action is always the hardest step – but that’s also the big differentiator between those that achieve success and those that don’t. Successful people make decisions quickly and take actions quickly. The other pool of people just keep waiting and never do anything.

  2. Greetings to you Parmi! I remember taking this lesson when I first started and this is when I saw the opportunities with getting paid working online. Thank you for sharing this on your website and it will truly be a great resource for anyone that may be looking to make a living online.


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