Publishing Series of Posts Online: Lesson 3

Welcome to my post on ‘Publishing Series of Posts Online‘. This lesson talks about how you can use the strategy of publishing content in a series so you never run out of ideas. It is lesson 3 of the part of the series ‘how to create unlimited content online’.

In lesson 3 of the series, I will be discussing ways for you to get unlimited ideas for your business content through publishing content strategically. 

You can go to the table of contents for this lesson here and can see the list of all the lessons down below. 

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How To Create Content Online UNLIMITEDLY:

Lesson 1 - What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO 

Lesson 2 - How to Use Social Media For A Small Business  

Lesson 3 - Publishing a Series of Posts Online <<< This is where we are

Lesson 4 - How to NOT hurt YOUR content

Lesson 3: Publishing A Series of Content

This series is about how you can create content online for limitless times. In the last two lessons, we talked about keyword research tools and social media to get a ton of ideas. This lesson will be about using a strategy of ‘publishing series of content’. 

Series method of blogging is taking an idea and turning that idea into a series of posts in similar structures. The great thing about this style of writing is that you can take that one idea and turn it into even a 100 different ideas.

It’s a lot quicker for you to write up posts because it follows a similar structure. Another great thing about this method is that it is very easy to outsource.

If you are planning to outsource writing or building content, it’s a lot harder to manage when you have different topics. When you have a series, it follows the same instruction for all the content that makes it easier.

Remember, this series is from the lesson acquired from a 10-year veteran who makes 6-7 figures of income per year. It’s from the premium+ membership platform that I got trained from. You can also go here directly to watch his video. 

Let’s get into the lesson. 

Table of Content:

What does publishing content in series look like?

The series method is essentially where you are writing content that follow a similar pattern to other posts that you have published or will publish. 

As I mentioned above, you can branch out into a lot of other ideas and topics if you follow this method without really having to dig into much detail. I’ll get more into detail as you read here below.

How to structure your content?

Okay, let’s look at how this method works. 

You are able to set up the structure in this method where you can just replace certain phrases in the title and can get hundreds of ideas. 

Here’s a quick example shown by Nathaniell in the video at premium+ membership:

examples of publishing series of content

You might be able to make 100-200 different phrases out of this and you can write content in each of those titles. 

These are all the list without using keyword research tools or social media tools. If you use this method and use the previous two methods that we discussed about in this series, you can probably get ideas for years. 

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Google is very smart at detecting your content and know what your article is about. You want to make sure that your product/content is different enough for each post that you do. It needs to justify you writing another article. 

In the above example – maybe frizzy hair is similar to dry hair and the content would be similar. If so, just choose one that maybe has a higher ranked keyword and go all in on that one. 

The great thing about these type of titles is that they are evergreen titles – meaning they can stay on your website forever and still remain relevant. 

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Why this method is effective?

There are 2 main reasons for this. 


When you go through the content entirely with every corner covered, it gains you a certain level of authority for your overall content in your website or wherever you’re posting them.

For example, if your niche is to teach golf to beginners, you don’t just have a post about golf clubs, shoes and how to putt. You got every aspect of that topic covered. Everything!

When you post your content in a series method, it’s not only easy to come up with ideas, you also make sure you don’t miss out on anything related to that topic.

The path towards authority for your website is clear and easy. People will want to listen to what you have to say and more importantly will trust you on your suggestions. 


You can outsource your content!

The great thing about publishing your posts in series is that all the posts and expectations will be the same. If you already have a writer then you would probably know that giving instructions to them is hard. 

But, if you already have an expectation set, you can send them a template, something like below, and get the writer to do tons of content without much supervision. 

template for the writer

This idea goes with your social media or any banners that you may create for your content too. When you publish in series, those posters are also super easy to alter to your needs. 

chocolate chip cookies examplemint cookies exampleoatmeal cookies example

See how all three of these designs can easily be changed. This can be done for all the types of content that you are going to write in a series. 

Do you get the idea?

If it doesn’t make sense, make sure to reach out to me and I’ll clarify down in the comments. 

What if there are people already ranked higher in that keyword?

Here’s the thing. If you become a website that literally covers every aspect from A-Z in that topic, you can really outrank even the ones that have started before you. 

Google will trust your content. People will trust your content. 

You don’t always need to trust the keyword tools because they aren’t always accurate. What matters is does your overall content have that command and authenticity that people want. Can they get help from your website?

Search engines are getting smarter every single day. So in the long run, credibility and thoroughness of content beats everything else. 

A Big Time Saver!

The bottom line is this. Regardless of whether you outsource to make content or do it yourself, publishing series of content saves you a ton of time!

You need less time to think of ideas, you need less time to write the content and you need less time to promote the content. 

More importantly, without putting in a lot of effort, you can really gain authority in your website and the content you are publishing because you covered every single topic in that subject. 

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Some Common Questions

Q1. What if a term has no search volume?

This is a common question that popped in the previous two lessons too. 

Especially when you publish content in a series method, you could easily get 100 or 200 titles in the list. But what if only like 50 of them have good content?

Well, I’d suggest that you go through the good ones first – so low competition and high volume. And then write the competitive ones. 

And then eventually get to the ones that have no search volume. You want to make sure you also think about whether that content is something that people would search for. 

Remember, keyword tools aren’t always right. If you think what you are writing is going to provide an answer to some group of people, write it down. If you’re outsourcing it, it’s cheap anyways so you should definitely do it. 

Q2. How long should the post be?

Don’t focus on the length of the post – rather, focus on quality.

But just a standard rule of thumb for writing content:

if you have high competition, you want to write a little longer (at least 2000 words). 

If you have low competition, you can write something around 1500 words. 

If there are no competition at all and the search volume is low, write around 1000-1200 words. 

Q3. What if terms are similar?

This is a circumstance that you could fall under often especially while going through this method of publishing content. 

Remember, nowadays, Google is smart. So once you have a list of titles, you want to see whether you can differentiate content between titles. 

If you’re an expert in your field, you could potentially be able to write something super different about a very related topic. But, if you’re not, I’d suggest you select the topic that you think will rank better. 

Then go full force with that. To search engines, you need to be able to justify your reason for writing different posts in a similar topic.

Q5. How long should you run a project before you know if it’s going to work or not?

Great question because when you’re doing this method of publishing, it could feel like you’re putting a lot of eggs in one basket. One thing to keep in mind: Not all series will be successful. 

A good guideline is that if you’re losing steam, do something else. Remember, you need to be excited and motivated to publish content in that topic. If you’re not feeling it, get into other ideas or maybe even do social media stuff for a while to promote your content.

And it’s not like you can never come back to your project if you leave. You can always come back if you want to touch it again. 

Perhaps you could do other side projects or other types of content building while you’re doing the series. Just have fun and be creative. Because you won’t know the outcome of the series for a while. 

Q6. Should you publish them all in a row or sparse it out?

Hmm, this also depends on you really. Do it as you feel best when you’re publishing content. 

From a logical standpoint, it may be easier to do it in a linear fashion where you finish a series before you move on to the next one. But, it also depends on how you work. 

Maybe you like working in batches where you do one post, do social media and promote for that post in one go before you move onto something else. 

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Final Thoughts

This strategy is honestly by far the best one to make sure you never run out of ideas.

You can so easily get content for years going through this method. So one thing I want you to take away from this lesson is that it is not hard to think of ideas!

It’s all about how you restructure your way of thinking and that will allow you to tap into that unlimited resource of content. 

That’s the END of Lesson 3!

In our last lesson of this series, we will discuss a very important topic that will allow you to make sure you don’t compete with your own content. 

All of this is a part of the 4 part series teaching you how to create content online limitlessly! Remember to always feel free to leave a comment or ask questions if you need help. Click here to go to Lesson 4

How To Create Content Online UNLIMITEDLY:
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Lesson 3 - Publishing a Series of Posts Online
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