Make Money In Google Opinion Rewards? Read this FIRST!

Welcome to my post on ‘Make Money in Google Opinion Rewards‘.

In this article, I will be reviewing on how Google Opinion Rewards works so that you can decide whether or not to go for this option to make money online.

I want to first applaud you for reviewing this before jumping onto this platform.

Google Opinion Rewards is a platform that allows normal people to participate in surveys to make a quick buck. But is it worth the time?

Let’s dive in and find out.

Quick Summary

Name: Google Opinion Rewards
Ranking: 3 out of 10
What is it?: Survey site to earn you a few bucks
Cost: Free to join
Who is it for?: People looking for short change income
Recommended: NO!
  • Free to Join
  • No qualification needed
  • Not much time needed
  • Anyone can join
  • VERY LITTLE income potential (a few dollars a week!)
  • Only a few countries are eligible
  • No referral program
  • Need to rely on the app to send you surveys
  • Can’t climb up to earn more even after building reputation

Table of Contents

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Well to simply put it, Google Opinion Rewards is a survey site where you can earn some small amount of cash every time you complete a survey or a questionnaire.

It’s designed by Google to allow market researchers to make more of an informed business decisions based on the feedback from the public.

Anyone that wants to join in would go to the Google App, sign up for free and start providing data according to what’s needed. All of your answers are typically aggregated and shared with the researcher that sent in the question.

So all of your answers will be anonymous unless stated in certain surveys that are location specific.

This is similar to the other online survey that we reviewed here at Get Paid Working Online. But, unlike Clickworker, where you could potentially find surveys everyday if you stay active, Google Opinion Rewards only sends your surveys to do once or twice a week.

Google typically tries to help researchers by making sure they only send surveys to the right people who are either in that location, with the right age etc. Also, Google has a bigger base which means they have more participants in this survey than other smaller ones hence you have less surveys available every week.

What kind of surveys can I expect?

Most of the surveys will be pretty straightforward asking you random survey questions sent out by market researchers.

The survey questions are straightforward and is opinion based. Some surveys may include you giving feedback on an app or a logo or a brand. Some may ask simple question about a certain business.

Regardless, it’s not complicated to answer these questions.

Sometimes you may even be asked to give a review about a certain place that you recently visited or send out a picture from that location. In some cases, you may even be asked to send out a receipt to check for authenticity.

You want to make sure that you answer the survey questions honestly and truthfully though! If Google does find out that you are sending incorrect or misleading surveys, you may be banned permanently from the platform!

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How do you get paid?

One of the great things about Google Opinion Rewards is that it can be trusted because of Google’s authority as a reliable brand.

Getting paid using this method is quite simple once you finish the sign up process. All of their payments are done via Paypal or you get get credit in Google Pay.

Important things to keep in mind
  1. Make sure your email is matched with Paypal

All of the payments are sent in the email that you use to sign up for Google Opinion Rewards.

So, if you don’t have an account in either platforms already, make sure you sign up using the same email address that you signed up with for Google Opinion Rewards.

If you have an account in Google Pay or Paypal – make sure you sign up using the same Gmail account you used for either of those accounts. If you don’t have that Gmail account for Paypal, you can easily add that Gmail account as one of your email addresses.

2. Make sure your Ad blocker is turned off

This is also something that’s a little different when working with this platform. You may not receive payments if you have your ad blocker on.

If you have the ad blocker on, make sure to turn it off, restart the app and then start your survey. Not doing so may cause you to not get paid.

3. Wait until you accrue at least $2

You also need to wait till you get at least $2 in your account before the app transfers money to you in Paypal.

This should be in a week or two if you consistently active with the surveys that get sent to you.

4. Make sure you accept your payment within 30 days

Another important thing to remember is that you need to make sure your email address accepts payments within 30 days.

So even if you don’t have Paypal setup when you start, make sure that’s done quickly in order for you to not avoid any missed payments.

Also, since you need to have at least $2 for you to receive payments, you want to make sure that you at least work until you accrue this amount. This is if you choose to not work for a while or skip surveys.

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How to get started?

You can get started via a phone (Android or iPhone), iPad or your computer – as stated on their website. However, it seems to only be available a phone or iPad so I recommend using one of these two devices.

Go over to the app store in your device and search for Google Opinion Rewards.

(If you cannot see the app in your app store, it maybe because it might not be available in your location. Go to ‘Who can get paid‘ section to learn more.)

app for google opinion rewards

Once you see that app, just click on ‘install’ and you should see the app install in your phone.

Identity Verification

You’ll then be asked a few questions once you open the app. You’ll be logged in through the email that you use for your Appstore – if you want to use a different email address, you can change it in settings after you are in.

To finish setup, you will be asked for identity verification. As you’re paid through Paypal, you may require to confirm your email address.

You’ll also need to provide your address, location, country, zip code and any other information that your country of residence might need.

Agree Terms and Conditions

You will also be asked to go through the T&Cs and agree to them.

Select Gender

You will also be asked to select your gender.

Select Language

Lastly, you will be asked to select your language of preference so you can navigate the app in you preferred method.

All the information that you input can always be edited by going to settings after you submit your information. But you need to submit your information and finish the setup before you can get paid.

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Some Key Tips

If you want to earn as much as possible with this platform, you need to make sure you take note of some of these tips so that you leverage it to your benefit as much as possible.

Activate location in your phone

You want to make sure you allow the app to know your locations and places you’ve visited. This is the fastest and most lucrative way to earn money.

You can do this simply by going over to settings in your phone and turning on locations.

Allow the app to receive your location

Another thing you want to do is to make sure your app is enabled to receive information from your phone. This usually isn’t done automatically.

This is important so that if you have been to a location that requires feedback, the app can immediately send you a survey for you to complete so you can get paid.

Allow the app to run in the background

This is usually done by default, but you want to make sure you check that the app is always running. You can also change this in the settings.

If it’s not running, you will only get notified of potential survey when you open the app which means you could lose tons of opportunity for surveys when your app is off.

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How often do you work?

The amount of work at Google Opinion Rewards is completely dependent on what is available. As there are a lot of active users and Google really tries to make sure that you are providing accurate information, the amount of surveys you do would be a few times a week.

But, depending on how active you are by enabling your location, going to different places etc and providing good feedbacks, you could get higher up in the ranks and get more work.

One thing to keep in mind..

Remember, you don’t need to answer every survey you receive. You can always skip surveys if you don’t feel comfortable to or don’t have time to do them.

Since each surveys only last for about 24 hours, it is common that a user may not be available when a survey is available. Your profile won’t be hurt by skipping surveys.

You do want to make sure that you answer all the questions honestly and in the way you would normally answer them. Don’t try to answer them in a particular way.

Just be yourself and you will receive more surveys because it will prove to be more authentic and genuine.

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How much can you earn?

This depends on the amount of work it requires for each survey or questionnaire.

But typically, each survey can earn you anywhere from $0.30 to $1. Yep, it’s not a whole lot so don’t expect this to give you financial freedom. If you’re looking for long term online success, I suggest you check out my recommended program here.

In the beginning, you will most likely only receive a few surveys a week. But, once you build up reputation and trust, you may get some traction to receive more surveys.

Regardless or how reputed or how much you earn, you won’t be able to earn more than a handful of dollars.

(If you want to earn 5-6 figure income online, check out my recommended platform in the bottom of this page)

Who can get paid?

When the app launched in December 2016, it was only for people that lived in Switzerland. Eventually over the years, the app was expanded to over 26 countries.

However, there has been recent changes again and as of December 2020, there are only 4 countries where this app is available.

So, unless you are residents of US, Canada, Germany or the UK, as of right now, you’re ineligible to participate in this program.

Now, there are some other sites that say that it is still allowed in 26 countries, but I’m just laying out this information according to the official Google Opinion Rewards website.

If any of you find any mismatching information, please do share in the comments below. And if you are not living in these 4 countries and can use this app, please also share in the comments so we can get everyone informed.

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Some Common Questions

Q1. When and how do I receive these survey questions?

All the surveys out given out randomly to you directly. Once the app collects your information and understands what kind of data set you can provide, it will automatically crawl through all the requests by the researchers.

So, you don’t have to do anything to receive these survey questions. You just wait and have the app turned on.

Q2. What if some questions are inappropriate?

The app has a built in technology that screens all the questions that goes out to you. All the questions has to follow the policies.

Any mature content, abusive language or intolerant speech will immediately be tracked down and terminated.

Q3. How much of my information who received my survey?

All of the survey questions sent back to the researchers in an aggregate form which means they won’t know any answers individually.

Only content that specifically asks for individual information – this maybe if the information required is location specific – may have researchers know your information. You can choose whether to participate in these kind of surveys or not.

Q4. Is there any way I can get paid more or make full time income out of this?

No unfortunately not. This program is specifically for those that are looking for short change income.

You in fact cannot even get any additional tasks to complete to get more money. You just need to wait till you get surveys sent to you.

So there is very limited income potential and certainly something that you won’t be able to do full time.

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Final Comments

I’d say that Google Opinion Rewards is a legit way to make some small pocket change income. However, I wouldn’t recommend you get involved in it too much.

Here’s why.

Even if you don’t want to put in much effort, you will still need to take time to create an account, stay active throughout the week and still need to put in some effort to give good feedback in the surveys.

But what are you doing all this for? A few bucks!!!

Quite frankly there are so many ways to make really good money online these that this method should never be the go to for anyone.

If you are going to put in effort, why not focus on something that can truly give you freedom and give you passive income. You may not be paid $1 in 5 minutes, but you may be paid over $10k/month in a few years!

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What I recommend for long term success?

Look, here’s the bottom line.

Regardless of how hard you work in Google Opinion Rewards, there is no way you can make a full time living out of this. And to be quite frank, there is not much learning you can get out of this anyways.

One program that I would recommend for you would be a program called wealthy affiliate. It has one of the most helpful communities with a solid training that nothing can beat it for long term success.

Also, it’s free to join and for you to check it out. If you don’t like it, you can always leave.

I’ll also attach the successes that I’ve personally seen from the platform so that you can get inspiration from them too.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them down below.


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    • Thanks for your comment and your question Jamie! I appreciate you reading through my content and articles.

      Yes, both and Google Opinion Rewards have very similar concept and work in exactly the same way. I personally think would allow you more options to find surveys to do simply because there aren’t as many people in that platform at Google Opinion Rewards.

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    • So glad to see you come back Ann! Yes, I know right!? I was thinking the exact same thing in my head. That’s why if anyone wants to do surveys from any corner of the world, perhaps is better. I did a review on that a few weeks ago and it allows people from anywhere to participate. Really appreciate your comment Ann!

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    • Hey Bogadi! Hmm, I doubt they will increase their payouts. They already are crowded with tons of people participating in surveys so they’re not short of survey reviewers. If you are looking for something that pays higher, either check out this program that can give you upto $100/month with reviews. They also allow all the countries to participate. I’m not sure about when Google Opinion Rewards will open up for more countries.

      If you are looking for 4, 5 or even 6 figure monthly income, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate. That’s where I got all the training and now get support from them too.

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