Is John Crestani For Me: A Review of Super Affiliate System Pro 2021

Welcome to the review to answer your question: “Is John Crestani For Me?”. This is a review of the Super Affiliate System Pro 2021 edition.

I found out about John Crestani on YouTube when it popped up on my recommendations. I hadn’t heard about him before, so I thought I’d take a deeper look into what he does.

I went through his YouTube videos, I signed up for his “free training” and even did a little digging with people that have purchased his product. I did a lot of research before writing this so hope you find this useful.

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Table of Contents:

Quick Summary

Name: Super Affiliate System
Founder: John Crestani
Rating: 2 out of 10
FREE Trial: No; only free training available which in 1.5 hours long 
Cost: $997; Or 3 payments of $397
What is it?: Training to make you make money online
Who it's for?: Beginners 
Recommended: No

Who is John Crestani?

Since John is the one that founded his System, it’s always a good idea to know more about who he is. After doing a little bit of research, here’s what I found out about John Crestani.

John is from California where he lives with his wife and 2 kids in Malibu. He is a college dropout who started off his venture into internet marketing when he read the book “4 hour work-week” by Tim Ferris while he was in Thailand. (Just a side note here, this review aside, the book itself is a great read and I’d recommend to those that are interested in passive income)

He started off by selling stuff online on Ebay. But, he was quickly flagged by Paypal because he was selling items that Paypal didn’t approve of. In essence, he was banned from Paypal for selling things illegally.

After that, he re-enrolled in a school where again he was kicked out. He knew how to handle computers and had the technical know-how to get test answers for his university exams. He sold those answers to students and the university found out about it and he was expelled.

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He eventually got around to learn more about affiliate marketing and even created his own website called Nutryst where he was teaching others to be affiliate marketers to promote his own products.

He used that experience to create Super Affiliate System. Looking at his YouTube videos and his over an hour long free webinar, he claims to be making around $5 million/year. He was also on Forbes for being successful online.

What was my first thought of him?

Well, I first saw him on YouTube and immediately went on to his free webinar. I had my guards up immediately with him. Here’s why.

He claims that he has a ‘live’ webinar, when in reality it is false. There is a video of him coming down a helicopter, in what looks like a mansion with girls in the beach. He has money everywhere in the table when he enters in.

How do I know it’s not live? 

The whole helicopter thing seems choreographed. The “live chat” that they claim has over 400 people showing watching the video. They say that all the messages are private but they answer to my questions. They don’t answer to any of my questions when I asked and just has bot messages popping up.

But, here’s the reason I know for sure it isn’t live. I reload the page and guess what I see. The exact same video of him coming out of the helicopter, going into a mansion and showing us a table full of cash. And the exact same live chat that isn’t really live.

Okay, I get what he’s trying to do here.

He wants to make people feel like they are entering into something special and that they can’t leave the screen or else they’ll miss the live session.

But, I don’t like the fact that he’s claiming something false immediately when people attend his webinar. He could have just said it’s pre-recorded – it would at least be telling the truth to the audience.

But never mind that, let’s get rolling with the review of his system.

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What is Super Affiliate System Pro?

Essentially a Super Affiliate System is John Crestani’s high cost, 6 week course that shows how you can get paid working online mainly through affiliate marketing by using paid ads.

It claims that you don’t need to spend more than 4 hours a week and that you can make money under 24 hours. In fact in one of its websites, it even says you can earn $500 in 30 minutes.

Immediately I knew this was a SCAM that you should run away from.

After looking a little more, how John Crestani asserts people that they can make money in 30 minutes is by asking his subscribers to get affiliate links either to his own product or to Amazon affiliate links and share it with your friends. Either on Facebook, email, Instagram or whatever. So, there is a chance that someone just might see it and buy it.

All of his sites lead to that free ‘fake-live’ webinar that lures people in, to buy his system. That’s his way of funneling people in – get everyone in that webinar and make people buy his product while they’re in there. It’s very sales-y.

What’s in the 6 weeks?

Now, I didn’t sign up for the course myself, but doing the research, this is what I found about what is taught in each of the 6 weeks. These are listed on his website itself.

Week 1 – The first week is about understanding affiliate marketing and knowing the basics so you can get the ground running. You’ll also be asked to create an account at ClickBank and you’ll be taught regarding Facebook Ads.

Week 2 – The second week is about finding your niche and getting some of your ad accounts set up so you can earn through ads.

Week 3 – The third week is about copywriting and talking about ways to make your page profitable.

Week 4 – The fourth week is about Facebook and Google Advertising where he teaches you how that advertising works.

Week 5 – The fifth week is about YouTube ads and other paid ad techniques.

Week 6 – The last week is about funneling your websites and ad to improve conversions

What’s the cost?

The cost of this is $997, or $397 in 3 payments. In my opinion, this is quite steep, especially for someone that doesn’t have much of an experience before.

The only ‘trial’ that you can get here is that ‘fake-live’ webinar where he comes out of a helicopter into a mansion with money on the table. Even if you can manage the cost, I’d still say it’s high for an average program. I’m not saying what he’s teaching isn’t legit, I’m just saying you can find better ways to spend that $997.

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Positives of John Crestani’s System

What I will say about John’s program is that it is not an entirely scam product, even though not a very good one out there in the market.

Legit Training

The trainings and the teachings that he has is legit and it is a workable way of earning income online. He is a successful marketer online and he seems to be doing well for himself. The earnings that he claims to make maybe even true, and even some of the technique he uses is a valid way of making money.

The six week step-by-step training is also seem logical and methodical.

Lifetime Access

He also provides a lifetime access to his trainings after that $997 payment. He claims that any updates he puts in place is something that comes part of the package.

Money Back Guarantee

He also has the 30 day money back guarantee policy. While I was skeptical of whether this was actually true, I saw from my friend Jerry who actually tried his product and did get his money back. This is plus.

Typically, if there is a money back guarantee, there is some sort of security with your money and you can also expect a decent training.

Negatives of John Crestani’s System

While there are a few good things about the SAS program, there are a few things that definitely put me off with what he has to offer.

Not Ethical

First, I find what he is doing not ethical. You read earlier that he ‘claimed’ it was a live session when it really wasn’t in his free training. Why lie? The fact that he lies once means that he probably has other lies going on in the platform and that he will lie to you in the future.

Overly-hyped Claims

He claims to make people make money within 2 hours of joining – or even within 30 minutes in one of his websites. As a marketer that has learned about affiliate marketing since 2017, I can tell you, this is not possible.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t some money making quick scheme. It requires a detailed understanding of the process and takes a lot of hard work to accomplish. Anyone that is claiming to give you or make you money fast is either not telling the truth, or bending the truth in some way where you’re not being told the full truth.

Promoting his own product

What I also found out after I did a little bit of research is that most of his successful testimonials only earn money by promoting his own product. In essence, he is teaching people on how to make money by selling his own product so he can earn more money.

By hearing from someone that has taken part in this course, they have said that their support isn’t that great either – and it’s mainly an email support.

Too Expensive

The system is for a newbie mostly, and they are trying to target the vulnerable ones who purchase his product in that hyped up stage. The fact that there is no trial – except the free training is not very convenient for people to test the waters.

For someone that doesn’t have too much extra cash available, $997 can be quite a lot. I would also say this doesn’t serve people that are from less income countries either that wouldn’t have so much capital. And if you’re just starting out, it’s not reasonable to stash out $1000 right away.

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In the end, I feel that John Crestani is all about hype and getting money in his pocket, and doesn’t care about you. Yes, his trainings are legit – meaning it’s not a scam product.

What he teaches you is a step-by-step for beginners and he has done well for himself. But, I feel he’s not someone that’s ethical, honest or even someone that really cares about how well you do. He has this training so he can earn more income, not because he wants you to do well.

And, he wants you to spend a $1000 at the offset.

I feel there are better options available or at least other options where you can try out things for FREE before making any decisions.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss about anything.

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28 thoughts on “Is John Crestani For Me: A Review of Super Affiliate System Pro 2021”

  1. I heard many mixed messages about John Crestani for quite sometimes and what I heard is not good. He portrays himself as a jet setter (Nothing is wrong with that) but what I have a problem with is that from my experience, when it is too good to be true, it is and I was right about John.

    Thanks for your review, I am just going to spend my money elsewhere with a better program. I will check out your free trainings

    • Thanks for commenting Nuttanee! Yeah, John’s program is legit for sure, but my experience after a ton of research about him was that he is over-hyping a lot of the stuff he says and in some cases misleading people by saying things that’s not entirely true. Let me know if you need any help as you go through the free trainings!

  2. It’s good to know straight away that Super Affiliate System is not recommended and I see it comes at a pretty steep price. The helicopter scene I admit sounds a little comical, and the get rich quick red flag appears glaring. The only thing I would maybe consider valuable would be the social media advertising strategy if it was anything new, but for the most part this sounds way overpriced, and not only that, unethical. Thanks to your post I can now confidently avoid Super Affiliate System, thanks!

    • Yeah, I’d recommend you stay away from Super Affiliate System Pro. They are all about misleading people into buying their products which are super overcharged. There are tons of cheaper options that people can benefit a lot more from for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This is the very first time I will be hearing or reading about both John Crestani and the Super Affiliate Programme. Paying $997 is too risky and expensive. And besides this programme doesn’t seem like a very genuine one. John Crestani has a lot of back records and doesn’t seem trustworthy enough to even invest a dime with.

  4. Oh well, that’s a very good review you have here and I think it’s a very written work you have done. I like the fact that you made the research by yourself to bring this up. It’s all good stuff. I think this is not really awesome because of the different cons that there is to this. I’d rather just stay put.

  5. Thank you so much for this honest review. I did hear about John Crestani a few months ago but I didn’t pay much attention to it then. Now that I have read your review, he does not seem like the kind of person or program to pay money for. I appreciate you helping people by explaining the details about this program.

    • Yes Babakes. You can just click on the link here and sign up for free. You actually get to go through the 1st 10 lessons, build your website, get help from the community without having to pay anything at all.

      Once you test it out and decide you like the platform, there is a monthly payment of $49 so you can go through the remaining 40 lessons plus get private messaging with the top successful members of the community while getting weekly live classes to help you. But, try it out first and see what you think. I’ll also message you once you sign up so feel free to send me a message as well.

  6. Parmi I love your article here. I only started researching about earning money online a few weeks ago so it’s good to read about a program that is charging higher prices than needed. I feel this is especially helpful for those that are looking for options because they wouldn’t know what is expensive and what isn’t. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. I read your other post about Attraction Marketing Pro and I got to this article after I read that. Honestly, I think it’s awesome that you are sharing all these reviews of different programs. It helps me to make a decision on what to go for because now I know how each one works. I look to read more from you as you write more reviews.

    • Thanks for your comment Josh! That’s great to hear and I’m glad you found this site. I’d say John’s system is a little better that Attraction Marketing Pro but still not recommended because of their ethical way of doing business. Check out the free training I have in this website if you’re looking to find ways to earn income. Good luck 🙂

  8. I’m definitely confident that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and I think a while back I would have jumped into any program. I’m a little more experienced now and I came across your article while doing research on different kind of affiliate trainings. It’s good to hear about John Crestani – I have seen his YouTube videos before and yes, like you say, he knows his stuff. But I didn’t know how much he charged – a $1000 bucks in insane. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment Misael! Yeah, I definitely think what he’s charging is insanely high – especially because he doesn’t even give a free trial for it. I’d say for beginners that a big load of cash to drop down right away (in my opinion at least). I’m glad you’re already experienced with affiliate marketing and if you are still looking for trainings, I’d suggest looking at my free training here. It’s practical, step by step and free to start. Let me know if you need help 🙂

  9. He does not sound like a good guy. Whoever joins this program must be very vulnerable to fall in his prey. I thank you for enlightening us so that we don’t fall for John Crestani’s platform.

    • I’m glad this helped Collins. I would say that John is someone that is quite well educated on the topic, so I can be confident that they would get good content out of it. But, the main problem with him comes down to ethics and price. That’s why I suggest Wealthy Affiliate – it’s free to try, cheap and has all the content that you would need to achieve success online.

      • Yes Parmi. I have already joined Wealthy Affiliate and I am really enjoying the community support that it has provided me. I will continue to learn from you from your website. Thank you so much.


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