How To Use Social Media For A Small Business: Lesson 2

Welcome to my post on ‘How To Use Social Media For A Small Business‘. This lesson talks about managing and leveraging social media to help you build ideas for your business. It is lesson 2 of the part of the series ‘how to create unlimited content online’.

In lesson 2 of the series, I will be discussing ways for you to get unlimited ideas for your business content through social media. 

You can go to the table of contents for this lesson here and can see the list of all the lessons down below. 

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How To Create Content Online UNLIMITEDLY:

Lesson 1 - What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO 

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Lesson 2: How To Use Social Media For A Small Business

In the last lesson, we discussed on how you can use the keyword tools for SEO and to generate ideas. This lesson will tap into that booming industry of social media. 

We will discuss about how you can use social media for unlimited pool of ideas in any niche. Typically, people only think about keyword tools – but remember, keyword is just a concept. 

What’s more important is to figure out what people are thinking and wanting. That’s why social media has a distinct advantage. I’ll discuss more of it in detail in this article. 

Remember, this series is from the lesson acquired from a 10-year veteran who makes 6-7 figures of income per year. It’s from the premium+ membership platform that I got trained from. You can also go here directly to watch his video. 

Let’s get into the lesson. 

Table of Content:

Why Social Media is such a powerful tool?

As you might already know, social media is literally the most used platform for people day to day. Which means every single one of your potential customer or audience is in there. 

Now unlike research keyword tools, social media is dynamic and it’s organic. This means that there will be words, phrases and topics that may just come up that begins to gain traction and go viral. 

For the keyword research tools, it typically wouldn’t be able to give you the results that quickly. It would take a few days or even weeks to know what people are searching to give you a monthly search rate. 

So, it has a distinct advantage!

There will be short trends that die out. You could latch on to some of the ‘hot’ ideas – this will give you things to write about but also fill the needs of what people are looking for. 

You also will have specialized knowledge that will allow you to hit some words that keywords might not pickup.

Let’s start off by going through some social media platforms and see how you can leverage them. 

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Some great Social Media tools


Twitter is a great social media tool to give you minute to minute updates on your topic and what people are talking about. One of the easiest ways to find trending topics in Twitter is through the hashtag system.

For example, if you were searching on the topic of craft beer, just type in #craftbeer in the search bar and you’ll get a ton of items that currently trending. 

search for craft beer

The great thing about it is that these topics are talked about right at the moment you’re searching. In this example, those were posts within an hour of the time it was searched. 

It gives you an idea of not only who is writing those posts, but what other things they are talking about. Plus, you can find other related topics when you search for the initial term you were looking at. 

related topics in twitter

In this case, you see here how with craft beer, there is festbier, marzen, lager, 4noses etc. Since they’re in the same post, you can definitely do a little more search in those and write something in those topics. 

They’re not only new ideas for you to post about, they’re also trending. 

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Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers is another tool that is overlooked at when trying to do research. The great thing about Yahoo answers is that you have real people asking questions like they would normally. 

Now, a lot of the answers that you get in Yahoo Answers are rubbish and some of the questions are rubbish too. But, it is a great tool for you to give you new ideas and things to write about. 

Let’s go through an example. Say you want to write more about final cut pro. 

question in yahoo answers

When you search for final cut pro, you get tons of results with questions that people are asking about the topic. Now, from the outset, it may not look like a very good topic. But, when you dig in, there are tons of golden nuggets. 

search results in yahoo answers

Let’s take an example of one of the results from the list. This question is about Lightsabers. 

question asked in yahoo answers

Now, it may seem like this is a super focused topic, but if you’re in the realm of this niche, it would perhaps be a topic that you would never think about. 

What’s great about Yahoo Answers is that it allows anyone to create a profile and answer questions. If you have a super good article or content that answers this question, it will be ranked number 1. 

Because there aren’t many people with good answers, any authentic and thorough answer will get a recommended answer. 

So, Yahoo Answers not only gives you ideas to write about, it also is potentially a good way to generate traffic into your website by answering the questions well. 

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This is another cool social media platform that you can really leverage to get an upper hand in your competition. Firstly, it’s one of those websites that is less known and second, it gives you so many ideas that you can create content for months. 

Let’s get into what I’m talking about.

searching for organic coffee

If we search for the term organic coffee in the platform, we get tons of results and each of them are things that people search for in Google that you may not have thought about. 

search results for organic coffee

This is the set of questions with Who, What, When, Why etc. But, if you scroll down, you get more questions and phrases people search for that deal with prepositions. 

prepositions for organic coffee

Now you can click on each of them and that will take you directly to the search list in Google. But on top of this, there is also a list with every letter of the alphabet in the bottom. 

alphabet searches for organic coffee

As you can see here, there are so many words and phrases that you could use that you’d have a hard time finding time to write each of those. 

Remember, each of those words and phrases can also be branched out giving you even more ideas and topics. 

All in all, just in that search ‘organic coffee’, there were over 300 words and phrases you could use! With each words/phrases branching to at least 2 to 3 more topics, you could establish content for years just with this. 

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Pinterest is another good platform for you to use. Now unlike the one I mentioned above, Pinterest is a little subtle and there is a different method to figuring out ideas for your content for your business.

Say you’re interested to learn more about affiliate marketing or have a brand on that topic. Let’s see what we get when we search that in Pinterest. 

searching in pinterest

Instead of finding words and phrases, what you will see on Pinterest is the images that people use that are in the affiliate marketing niche. 

images in pinterest

You will see a bunch of posts with different interests. Go through and see some of the ones that have a good number of followers or likes because most likely they will be trendy and popular. 

The posts that people make here may not have too much content on that topic in another media platform. If you’re writing a blog post, you can use the hot topic here and create a blog out of it. 

Also, for some of the people that have good amount of followers, see which posts they are posting multiple times. This means that it’s a hot topic that people are pinning, hence that person posted it more than once. 

viewing post habits in pinterest

Even though this is a little subtle way of figuring out your topic, it can be very effective. You’ll get a chance to delve into the community of your niche while getting some hot ideas to create for your brand.

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Some Common Questions

1. What happens if there is no search volume?

This was a common question in the last lesson as well. The answer is you should still go for it! Keywords are not always accurate. The most important thing is to post about things that people want. 

You want to provide good information and value to real people out there. Social media allows you to know what those are, so even if there is no search volume, you may still get audience. 

2. What if there aren’t any good topics in your social network?

Well, the beauty of the world that we live in now is that there are so many options. If you can’t find something, just move onto something else. 

Not every niche will have a popular community in every social media. But, know this. EVERY niche WILL have a community somewhere. 

You just need to figure out where that is and that happens by looking around and trying to find different sources. 

3. Can I take these questions and keywords from the social media platforms without permission?

Most definitely. The great thing about social media is that it’s free and public information. It’s not like a book that has copyright and other issues if you take it from them. 

Now, you don’t want to copy a post of someone that has like a 1000 words in them. You may want to paraphrase that content since it has such big volume. But, for smaller words and phrases, you can totally just go for it. 

4. Can I link my articles if I answer questions in social media forums?

Well, this is a tricky one. The correct answer is it depends. A lot of social media forums will monitor what you’re putting in.

If you’re someone that is an authority in that forum – meaning you have a history of posting good and authentic information and helping people – you may put your article links occasionally. 

If you’re someone that’s new to the forum and starts posting tons of articles directing to your site, you’ll quickly be flagged as spam and removed from the community.

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Final Comments

Social Media is definitely one of the biggest tools out there to help you create content for your business. Regardless of what business or what niche you are in, it 100% will benefit a lot from social media.

Creating content and ideas is definitely not hard once you have the right frame of mind. As discussed in this article, social media can literally give you so many ideas that you don’t even need to look for it anywhere else. 

That’s the END of Lesson 2!

In the next lesson, we will be talking about series method of publishing so you can never run out of ideas when creating content. Click here to take you lesson 3!

All these lessons are part of the ‘how to create unlimited content online‘ series that covers all the different ways to make sure you never run out of ideas. 

Feel free to ask any questions or comments below 🙂

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Lesson 4 - How to NOT hurt YOUR content

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