How To Make Your Website Look Better: Lesson 5

Welcome to the post on ‘How To Make Your Website Look Better‘, which is lesson 5 of the free series of making money online! This is part of the Level 1 Free Training Series on Getting Paid Working Online, which essentially you teaches step-by-step on how you can make money online.

Lesson 5 will go through the next steps after you build your website so that you can make it look better. You’ll see in the list below, which lesson we are at the moment. The table of content for this current lesson is below – you can use it as a navigation tool to move around this post.


Lesson 1 – Starting The Online Marketing Business

Lesson 2 – How Does Making Money Online Work

Lesson 3 – Finding Your Niche Business

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Lesson 5 – How To Make Your Website Look Better <<<< This is where we are

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Here's what you'll learn in Level 1: 
> How you can get involved in the community right away 
> Understand how to generate revenue online 
> Start making goals for your future - financial and personal 
> Get immediate access to over 590,000 niches 
> Start picking your NICHE for your online business 
> BUILD you own website with YOUR niche! 
> Grasp how you can make the best out of your website using WordPress 
> Learn a great way to make your website friendly with search engines 
> Make great quality content for you online business that is ranked in search engines 
> Learn how to search for great keywords 
> Create you own list of keywords for your Niche website

Lesson 5: How To Make Your Website Look Better

By now you should have made your website! If this was your first time making a website, congratulations! Tell you what, this is a big step for you and a step towards a lot of success in the future. As I mentioned in the previous lesson, a website is a foundation to get all the traffic for you to generate income. I’m excited for you to get moving here.

If you’ve already looked around your newly created website, you’d have already seen some content there. I’ll go through in detail here on what is recommended for your first steps and install the right plugins so that you can really have a jump start when you put in content. 

I want to remind again that all the training that I’m about to show is from the training I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. You can go through the lessons here or by signing up for FREE directly in the platform.  

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Even as close as 15 years ago, building a website was a nightmare. You needed to know coding, needed to know how to input the right html codes for the designs, ads etc. It took as much as even a month to two months to get a site ready! Now, we can do it in literally 30 seconds. How cool is that? I think it’s a blessing really to be alive at this point in time.

Alright, let’s make the most out of this great blessing we have and get moving!

Table of Contents:

Logging Into Your Website

Once you have your website setup, you can get rolling by logging into the back office. The ‘back office’ of a website where you would be making all the changes and customizing so that your website looks the way you want it to look like. 

If you created a free website from my recommended platform, then you would be able to go into the website and click on ‘SiteManager’ and select ‘Log In’. The great thing about this is that it saves your very complicated password so you can just get in without remembering it.

The more you build your website, you might eventually get to a point where you add further users into your website so that each person has a different role to play. Having all the passwords in one place is particularly useful, as an admin, so I like this feature a lot. 

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The passwords are fully protected and has top of the line security in the industry. In the 15 years of this platform with over 2.5 million users, NOT ONCE has there been issue with safety. That’s why I trust it so much. 

If you did make your website from other platform, you can login by going to “yourwebsitename”.com/wp-login. Here they’ll ask you for your username and password and you click login after you fill those up. 

Remember, you can also use this method if you chose to create your free website with Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s just much simpler to do it from their platform because they will be better assist you with SiteContent, SiteFeedback etc. So when you do start building content, they will make sure that you have unique and highly SEO effective material in your website.

Activating the Right Plugins

As you start building your brand and your website, plugins become a vital part of your online business. It’s important to have plugins that complement your content but also those that will be SEO effective. Some plugins aren’t trusted and some just make the website way too slow. 

If you’re very new to this, you may wonder what a plugin is. Let me clarify what this means. 

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is something that you’ll find when you log into the back office of WordPress. If you look in your tab, you’ll be able to see it here. 

So, to put in in layman’s terms, a plugin is a software that allows your websites to have larger amount of functions. They can either add a greater number of functions the already available functions available or add new functions to your website. 

There are literally 1000’s of plugins available for your website so you do have a lot of flexibility and freedom to make your website as you would want it. It allows you to brand it uniquely to your needs. And that’s the most exciting part!

Okay, getting back to our website and adding plugins…

You’ll notice that a few plugins have already been added if you created your website from Wealthy Affiliate. These are because they are absolutely essential and will help with your SEO once you begin content making. 

There are 3 plugins that are already downloaded for you:

  1. All in One SEO – This is an absolute essential plugin because it allows you to be ‘ranked’ in the search engines. This is already downloaded for you in your plugins section. 
  2. Classic Editor – This is also a plugin that is already downloaded, and you’ll see that this one has already activated for you. It’s an important plugin because it keeps you up to date with the preview editor systems and any upgrades that might happen in the future. Especially if there are multiple people handling the website, it makes sure that there are no discrepancies within the website. 
  3. Kraken Image Optimizer – This plugin has also been downloaded and activated for you. This plugin is especially important to make sure that your website is going full speed and not slowing down because of high resolution images. It keeps all the images that you upload in check, and keeps your website speed at fast speed. 

If you did create your website with my recommended platform, you’ll see that the ‘Classic Editor’ and ‘Kraken Image Optimizer’ has already been activated for you. But, ‘All in One SEO’ has only been downloaded, it hasn’t been activated. 

So, this is what you want to do right now. Go into plugins and select ‘installed plugins’.

Once you go there, click on ‘activate’ where it says ‘All in One SEO. This will activate the All in One SEO plugin, which we will discuss more in the next lesson to make the most out of it. 

If you did not use my recommended platform, you might not see all three of these plugins downloaded. Make sure to click on ‘Add New’ under plugins and search for these three plugins and download them first. 

Once you do, just do as I mentioned above by activating them. 

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Removing Unnecessary Clutter

You’ll also notice if you visited your main website that there is already some content in there, even though you didn’t create anything yet. 

That’s just sample pages and posts that comes with creating a website with WordPress. They are just ‘dummy’ posts, and not relevant to what your website is going to be about. So, what we will do now is get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in the website so we can start fresh.

There will be three things you want to remove. 


First, let’s get rid of the posts. Click on ‘posts’ on the left side bar and then click on ‘all posts’. 

Once you complete that, you’ll see a post that says ‘Hello World!’. Click on ‘Trash’ to delete this post.

Great, now you’ve deleted all your irrelevant posts. Now, let’s do the same for the pages. 


Click on ‘pages’ in the left side bar and click on ‘all pages’.

Once there, hover over ‘sample page’ and click on ‘trash’. You may also see another page there that says ‘Privacy Policy’. Don’t worry about this page for you. It’s not published yet, so it won’t show in your website. Later in the lessons, we will need to make a ‘privacy policy’ page anyways, so we can use this for that purpose later.

Great, now the pages are all deleted! Now, let’s also delete any spam comments. 


Click on ‘comments’ in the left side bar which will take you to where you can see all the comments that you have received in your website. 

Once you go there, you’ll probably see a comment something like this. Go to where it says ‘trash’ and click on it to remove it.

Great work! Now, we have a website that is neat, clean and ready for some content! As I mentioned before, this will be your base to generate traffic and earn revenue. It’s the first big step for you in that journey, so congrats!

That’s the end of Lesson 5!

Now that we’ve wrapped up lesson 5, we can head on to the next lesson. Lesson 6 will help you set up your website so you can be ranked really well in all the search engines online. Click here to go to Lesson 6!

If you want to know what all these lessons are about, it’s part of the Free Training Series about How To Get Started With Making Money Online. I’m here to help and support you in your online journey so feel free to send me a question or suggestions about anything at all. I’m active daily will answer to all of your questions and comments.

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