How To Get My Website In Google: Lesson 6

Welcome to the post on ‘How To Get My Website In Google‘, which is lesson 6 of the free series of making money online! This is part of the Level 1 Free Training Series on Getting Paid Working Online, which essentially you teaches step-by-step on how you can make money online.

Lesson 6 will allow you to make sure your website is able to get placed in search engines when you begin making content. You’ll see in the list below, which lesson we are at the moment. The table of content for this current lesson is below – you can use it as a navigation tool to move around this post.


Lesson 1 – Starting The Online Marketing Business

Lesson 2 – How Does Making Money Online Work

Lesson 3 – Finding Your Niche Business

Lesson 4 – How To Create A Niche Website

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Lesson 6 – How To Get My Website In Google <<<< This is where we are

Lesson 7 – Create Blogpost in WordPress

Lesson 8 – How To Edit Menus in WordPress

Lesson 9 – How To Find Keywords in Google

Lesson 10 – Congrats On Completing The First Level – Now, Moving To Level 2

Here's what you'll learn in Level 1: 
> How you can get involved in the community right away 
> Understand how to generate revenue online 
> Start making goals for your future - financial and personal 
> Get immediate access to over 590,000 niches 
> Start picking your NICHE for your online business 
> BUILD you own website with YOUR niche! 
> Grasp how you can make the best out of your website using WordPress 
> Learn a great way to make your website friendly with search engines 
> Make great quality content for you online business that is ranked in search engines 
> Learn how to search for great keywords 
> Create you own list of keywords for your Niche website

Lesson 6: How To Get My Website In Google

All of our work thus far has been leading up to this. SEOs! 

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is a vital that you placed your website in search engines so they can get ranked. There are a few different search engines online, but as you may know already, Google is by far the most used! Bing and Yahoo are also used frequently, but over 70% of searches are done on Google. And over 95% searches from phones are done in Google! So, we obviously will be focusing on Google. 

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Let’s get started! 

Table of Contents:

Understanding SEO

As I mentioned above, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it is the method by which you improve your website visibility by getting better quality and higher quantity of visitors in your website. 

Let me give you an example so you can understand this better. 

If you were looking at buying a trampoline, what is the first thing you do? Most likely, you’d search in a search engine (probably Google) about some reviews or suggestions on the best trampoline to get. Whose reviews or suggestions are you most likely to read? Probably someone’s that you see on the top of the page, correct? 

Now, think of this similar idea for your own brand and your online business. If you are in the niche of reviewing trampolines, you want to make sure what you write, the words you choose and the style of writing you have allows you to get ‘ranked’ higher in search engines! So, if someone is looking for reviews to buy a trampoline, they look are yours and not someone else’s. 

Does that make sense now? Can you see how valuable SEOs are? 

Let me highlight this big here, because this is super important. You WANT to get ranked AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE!

Higher Rank means Higher Traffic Flow.

Higher Traffic Flow means Greater Revenue ($$$) for YOU!!

I want to make sure you really understand this well! If you still are unsure of what this means, pop a comment down below. I’ll make sure I clarify anything that you are unsure about here. 

Before you move on, make sure you understand this. SEO’s are the cream of the crop in making money online. 

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Finish Setting Up SEO for Your Website

By this point, you have a website ready, and an activated ‘All in One SEO’ plugin ready. Now, we’re going to make full use of that plugin so that you can be ranked once you start publishing content. 

You will see that since you activated that plugin, there a new tab in the left bar that says ‘All in One SEO’. Hover over that tab, and click on ‘General Settings’. 

Once you click in the general settings you’ll see a lot of stuff. But I don’t want you to get confused at this point. What we are going to start off here is in the ‘Home Page Settings’ section. We will only update this section for now since this is the most important before you publish any content. All the remaining items can be polished later once you have a bit of content in your website. 

You’ll see two boxes to fill there. 

  • Home Title
  • Home Description

Let me quickly go through what these are before you start filling them up. 

I just got the above image when I typed Facebook in the Google search engine. Look at where the arrows are pointing at.

Home title is the one that says “Facebook – Log In or Sign Up”. 

Home Description is all the content in the bottom that says “Create an account or….and get updates.” It’s the big chunk of content that people will see when they try to understand what the website is about. 

Got it?

Okay, now we will work on creating something similar for our website so that when we do get ranked in the search engines, people are more likely to click on your website because they will know what it’s about right away. 

Things to note for both of these:

Home Title: Make sure you don’t write something that’s too long here. Try to keep it under 60 characters but no less than 40. Make sure it’s relevant to your website. 

Home Description: Be clear and precise when you write this. This has to say what your site represents and what your audience will gain by coming to your website. Try to keep this under 160 characters. Remember, people have short attention spans, so don’t write something that people won’t feel like reading. 

Once you complete this, click on ‘update options’ either on the top or the bottom. 

That’s it! Now, your website is fully SEO ready. 

A few pointers…

As I mentioned before, don’t get too distracted by a lot of other stuff in the page. You will eventually get to all of it, but at this point in your learning, those things won’t be relevant. 

You might have also wondered what the ‘upgrade to pro’ does. It gives you a little more features, but you don’t need to upgrade at all at this point. There are multi-million dollar businesses online that don’t have this as an upgrade. The free ‘All in One SEO’ pack is very sufficient and will fulfill your needs.

Don’t be freaked out if you don’t see any changes in the site when you make changes in the back office. There will be times when you make changes that only alters the HTML codes and will help you with algorithms, but it won’t show any changes visually in the site. 

That’s the END of Lesson 6!

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Great work finishing up this lesson! Our next lesson will be about getting your first content in for the website! Woohoo! How exciting is this! Click here to go to Lesson 7!

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Lesson 1 - Starting The Online Marketing Business
Lesson 2 - How Does Making Money Online Work
Lesson 3 - Finding Your Niche Business
Lesson 4 - How To Create A Niche Website
Lesson 5 - How To Make Your Website Look Better
Lesson 6 - How To Get My Website In Google
Lesson 7 - Create Blogpost in WordPress
Lesson 8 - How To Edit Menus in WordPress
Lesson 9 - How To Find Keywords in Google
Lesson 10 - Congrats On Completing The First Level - Now, Moving To Level 2

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2 thoughts on “How To Get My Website In Google: Lesson 6”

  1. From my experience, getting your website in Google takes a little bit of time (even months sometimes) for new websites specially. How do you view the time it takes for new websites to get into search engines?

    • That’s correct, the length of time that it would take for a completely new website does take a bit of time mainly because the search engines need to trust your website and your content. Until you start producing content, it would be hard for your website to rank.

      In terms of how long it takes, that varies depending on how quickly you can put in quality content. I’ve seen people get ranked even in weeks if they are getting quality content and having their domain hosted by a trusted source. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s platform for hosting as their ranking tends to be a lot quicker than some of the other sources.

      Thanks for your comment Kevin 🙂


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