How To Create Content Online – LIMITLESSLY!

Welcome to my post about ‘How To Create Content Online‘.

This post is a start of the series that will discuss about how you can generate unlimited amount of content online so that you can never run out of ideas. This strategy can be used to write blogs, build websites, do YouTube videos or any kind of content you’re looking to make online.

This series is from a content taught from 10 year veteran online making well over $100k/year. He actually shares it on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for premium+ members.

But, I jotted down his ideas and wanted to share a bit of his knowledge here so you could take advantage if you’re not a premium+ member.

You Will Learn How To Create Unlimited Content Ideas!!

The bottom line is this. There are literally thousands of topics that you can write in a single niche that you can write something on it forever if you choose to.

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But, it’s easy to run out of ideas when you’re starting out.

When you start off with a blog or a YouTube channel or even an instagram page, you have some cool ideas to begin with and then after a few weeks or after a few months, you aren’t sure on what kind of content to put in.

But, ANYONE can be in a place where they get LIMITLESS ideas for a topic. It’s all about restructuring the way you think and using new resources.

You want to be in a position where you have so many ideas that you don’t have time to write them all.

So it then no longer becomes an issue of coming up with ideas, it becomes an issue of prioritizing which ideas to use. This is a great problem to have.

Let’s look at the lessons that will be covered in this series.

How To Create Content Online UNLIMITEDLY:

Lesson 1 - Leveraging Keyword Search Engines

Lesson 2 - How To Use Social Media For A Small Business

Lesson 3 - Publishing a Series of Posts Online

Lesson 4 - How to NOT hurt YOUR content

What YOU should keep in mind?

As you go through the series, it’s important to approach these lessons with the right mindset so you can get the most out of it.

Try to think of your content creation as you do not just for a month or two, think of something that you’ll be doing it for 5 years or 10 years. How will your content and your style change?

When you visualize your business/content in that sense, you will get more ideas and can be more creative.

You also NEED to take action if you are to get anywhere. Reading all this, or listening to it directly from Nathaniell, won’t do you much good without implementation.

What do 4 Lessons contain?

Each of the 4 lessons will highlight a specific type of idea generation.

1. Leveraging Research Keyword Tools

How many of you use research keyword tools to create content? If you don’t do it much, or don’t do it at all, you are missing out on tons of good meat to get more readers/viewers.

Even if you do, a lot of the research keyword tools don’t give out much help. In this series, we will dig really deep into what kind of tools really benefit you to not only get unlimited ideas, but also get tons of traffic into your website.

What YOU will learn?
- Jaaxy Idea Research 
- AHREFs Detailed Keyword Research 
- SEMRush Competitor Research
- Q&A

2. Using Social Media

Understanding social media is so important in this day and age. It’s one of the biggest untapped resource for low hanging keywords.

People use social media more than anything so using the keywords there not only give you ideas, it gives you a large audience for your own content.

What YOU will learn?
- Using Twitter For Research (Hashtags)
- Using Yahoo Answers & Quora To Find Natural Questions
- How Answer The Public Can Generate 300 Topics in 10 Seconds
- Leveraging Pinterest
- Why Social Media Can Be More Powerful Than Any Keyword Tool
- Q & A

3. Publishing a Series of Content

One great way to overcome a ‘block’ is by thinking about a series to write on. If you publish a content, think of ways to write or post every single type of content in that niche.

If you do that, you’ll never run out of ideas and hit every type of audience that maybe looking for your content. Even if they’re not ‘good keywords’, people will most likely stay in your content more because they find everything they need.

What YOU will Learn?
- What is the "series" method of writing content
- Why do series of posts perform well over time?
- Examples of ideas that do well with series vs ones that don't
- Brainstorm a full list of a series of content
- How to organize your content with a powerful plugin
- Q & A

4. Strategy to not ‘kill’ your own content

Nathaniell calls it cannibalization. It’s easy to focus on writing the exact same content or publishing something similar all the time. Guess what?

Nowadays algorithms are getting smarter by the day. If you don’t publish anything different to your other content, you won’t get a lot of readers and won’t benefit from using that keyword.

What YOU will learn?
- What is keyword cannibalization
- Why is it a waste of time, and is it bad for SEO or Users?
- Examples of keyword cannibalization
- How to differentiate similar topics so they do not cannibalize
- Examples of similar topics which are not cannibalizing similar phrases
- How to fix keyword cannibalization you've done in the past.
- Q & A

Nathaniell Training in Wealthy AffiliateClick in the image to take you directly to his videos lessons

Can Anyone use this strategy?

A 100%. Mind you, this is from a guy who literally makes 6-7 figure income online every year for the last 10 years. So, it’s definitely practical for anyone to use it.

Now, one mind of caution I would add here though.

This would be for someone that is a little bit into the game of online marketing already. For someone that is completely new, all of the material might sound a little complicated.

If that’s you, then I’d recommend checking out this free training right here on my website. In fact, this is the exact training Nathaniell and all the successful marketeers took when they didn’t know anything.

Regardless, just go through the training if you feel you’re getting stuck with generating ideas for your brand/business. It’s FREE here on the website so there’s no harm whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still reading this then it does show that you’re committed to be successful online. That’s a great place to be in.

Creating ideas can be a hard thing and EVERYONE goes through a phase when they get stuck. It could be 2 days after you start or even 5 years after you started your brand.

That’s why finding new tricks and tips is super powerful so you can sustain your brand. Remember, always think long term. Think 5 years or 10 years from now and visualize where you want your brand to be.

When you think this way, you’ll get a lot more clarity on your path towards your content.

Now, let’s get to the first lesson which is using the research keyword tool. Click here to go to lesson 1.

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How To Create Content Online UNLIMITEDLY:
Lesson 1 - What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO
Lesson 2 - How To Use Social Media For A Small Business
Lesson 3 - Publishing a Series of Posts Online
Lesson 4 - How to NOT hurt YOUR content

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11 thoughts on “How To Create Content Online – LIMITLESSLY!”

  1. I love these lessons. Thanks for sharing and giving this resource to people. I like the way that you have turned this into series going in detail each of the lesson.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. Do you think this information would be useful for newbies? Or do you think this would only be applicable for someone that is a little experienced online already?

    • Great question Alkelvin! It is useful for anyone really that is truly wanting to be successful online. If this is the first time you’ve heard of getting paid online, I suggest you start by signing up for free here – this way it’ll make it easier for you to follow the website and also take action while you’re learning.

      If you already have a website up and running, then this is totally useful regardless of your experience because it’s not just about creating content online, but also how you do it and how to always have ideas that can sustain you for years and decades.

      Hope this helps Alkelvin!


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