How To Create A Niche Website: Lesson 4

Welcome to the post on how to create a niche website, which is lesson 4 of the free series of making money online! This is part of the Level 1 Free Training Series on Getting Paid Working Online, which essentially you teaches step-by-step on how you can make money online.

Lesson 4 will help you build your website – so by the end of this lesson, you’ll have your own website! You’ll see in the list below, which lesson we are at the moment. The table of content for this current lesson is below – you can use it as a navigation tool to move around this post.


Lesson 1 – Starting The Online Marketing Business

Lesson 2 – How Does Making Money Online Work

Lesson 3 – Finding Your Niche Business

Lesson 4 – How To Create A Niche Website <<<< This is where we are

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Lesson 7 – Create Blogpost in WordPress

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Here's what you'll learn in Level 1: 
> How you can get involved in the community right away 
> Understand how to generate revenue online 
> Start making goals for your future - financial and personal 
> Get immediate access to over 590,000 niches 
> Start picking your NICHE for your online business 
> BUILD you own website with YOUR niche! 
> Grasp how you can make the best out of your website using WordPress 
> Learn a great way to make your website friendly with search engines 
> Make great quality content for you online business that is ranked in search engines 
> Learn how to search for great keywords 
> Create you own list of keywords for your Niche website

Lesson 4: How To Create A Niche Website

Now is the exciting part! By this lesson, you already have your niche so now it’s all about creating your website for that niche! As I mentioned in the previous lesson, you will most likely evolve with your niche so it’s completely okay to not have a very clear picture. The important thing is to have a general idea, and then you’ll be able to see a clearer picture once you get started. 

All the training that I’m about to show is from the training I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. You can go through the lessons here or by signing up for FREE in the platform.  

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Today’s the first big step of you creating your business online. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

Table of Contents:

Building Your Website is Easy

It’s sometimes can feel intimidating to start building a website. But, building a website now is easier than it has ever been in history! This is not an exaggerated statement. 

Building your website can be done in just a few clicks. You’re not going to make a website that looks as good as Amazon or Facebook with just a few clicks, but you will have something to get started. 

Again, I’m going to encourage you to build a website from Wealthy Affiliate here. It’s free and easy to use and you don’t need to worry about domain and hosting. If you’re a newbie, it can get confusing and you don’t want it to be too technical. That’s why I suggest you use this platform because you literally only need a few clicks to make a website. 

How long does it take? Literally 30 seconds. Go ahead and try it yourself below by signing up for free – no strings attached. 

Build Your Website Now!

Once you login for free, you’ll see the ‘website’ tab that will allow you to ‘build your website’

There are other methods to build your website too, but my recommended way is this since it literally doesn’t require you to think about coding, figure out who to get hosting from, figure out who to get domain from and most importantly, it’s for completely free!! That’s the main reason I chose to start with this when I first started to be honest, because it had no cost involved. 

Build Your Website Now!

Start Creating Your Website

Once you go to ‘site builder’ and click on ‘build a website’, it’ll initiate your creation process. The website builder at ‘SiteBuilder’ is top class and is what a lot of the successful people in every niche use! This platform is the industry leader in this platform hence I use it myself. It has:

  • Very Fast Speed
  • Optimized Search Engine
  • Data Backup at Realtime
  • Top of the line Security
  • Instant Domain Availability
  • 30 Seconds Setup

Remember, this is your first step to really building a brand and your identity. This is where you’ll get all the traffic from and will be your foundation for you to start making income! Hence, it’s extremely important to have a solid platform for you to build this from so the website doesn’t slow down or breakdown if there’s too much traffic. There are other ones that you can do it from too, and you can continue here if you already have something set up.

But if you don’t and you don’t really want to spend any money before trying it out, I’d say this is one of the very options that gives you all the access without charging you anything. 

Select the Type of Website

When your website initiation begins, you’ll be taken to another page that will ask you to select what kind of website you want. 

For this lesson, select a ‘free domain’ but eventually, you’ll want to own your own domain. I’ll quickly go through what a domain is so that you have a good idea of all the options. 

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What is a domain?

A domain is essentially the name in the URL that people type in to go into the website. For example, the domain for this website is

In order for you to have a website, you need to create one. Think of big companies, like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc, who all have domain names and usually a domain with a .com at the end. This is the most common and the most compatible domain extension across the internet. 

When you want to go to any of the websites, you type their name in the URL. That’s why it’s important to make sure your domain name is catchy and easy to remember for people – so they come back to your site. 

Free vs. Own Domain

Earlier I suggested that you select a free domain because you’re still getting started. You might still be unsure of the niche or the type of website you’ll have so it’s best to go with that at this point. So what’s the difference between the two?

The free one has a at the end. This is great to begin with because you won’t get traffic when you start. You also will get a chance to have a site, exactly like when you have your own domain, and get to know the ins and outs of how it works.

There are two benefits of this. 

  1. You get a free test drive of this without going through the hard work. No need to put your credit card details or pay any money to test the waters. No need to go around find a hosting platform. It’s simple and easy. If you don’t like it, you can just leave without losing anything. 
  2. You also get a chance to think through about your niche and see whether it’s feasible for YOU. Any niche can make you earn a living, but not every niche is suitable for YOU because you might not enjoy certain topics. You might feel you love baseball, but when you start doing research and finding products to promote, you might feel it’s not for you. Having this free option allows you to not pay for the domain yet. 

Once you do figure out your topic idea and are happy with the name, you do want to switch it to your own domain though. Because it looks professional and it allows you to build a brand. You simply won’t be able to gain the trust of an audience when you don’t even have your own domain. 

Think about it yourself. When you look at big brands or any brands on the internet, have you ever seen a in the end? Probably not. So, you also need to get one later. 

But for now, let’s just stick with the free one and get moving with the training. 

Select Domain Name

Since you have a niche and an idea ready, now is your time to put in your domain name. Ready? Go do it right now. If you already have a domain, that’s great, you can skip this step.

Get Your Free Domain Now!

I showed this picture above, but you’ll see something like this too. It’ll tell you if your chosen name is available. If it’s not available, try to think of other ways to word it. 

Once you put in something that works, it’ll tell you that it’s available. Now you can move onto the next step. 

Select Website Name

Once you have the domain name done, put your website name. 

Remember to not make this step too complicated. It’s always a good practice to use the same title as your domain name. Make sure that your title of the website has spaces in between them.

Doing this is good for SEO purposes and also looks professional when people come to your website.

So in my above example:

Domain is:

Title is: Starting To Cycle For The Lazy

Select a Theme

A theme is the style and design that your website will have. In the beginning, you don’t really need to worry too much about this. One big mistake that I see newbies making all the time is they spent too much time making their website in the beginning. 

It simply doesn’t matter at this point. You don’t have any content, you don’t have any traffic, so it doesn’t matter right now. 

When you create a free website as a free member in the platform, you get a theme selected for you. But, as you see below, once you become a premium member, you’ll have access to over 4000 themes! 

Once you select your theme, you just click ‘Build My Site’ and wait for a few seconds. Then, like magic, you’ll have your site ready!

A few things to note at this point…

Don’t overthink this part and don’t go crazy on really figuring out all the details once the site is up. You’ll get more info as you progress in the lessons. 

Remember that SiteBuilder and the Domain Platform built all in one in this platform is unparalleled in the industry. You’ll also soon realize that the community and the engagement is like no other. So, just know you’re in good hands. 

Obviously once you start the website, not only will you get your own domain, you’ll also be able to get premium access to the platform so you’ll have much richer knowledge and access to all the nitty gritty details. 

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That concludes Lesson 4!

Great work building your website!! Click here to go to Lesson 5, where we will work on making your website look better. 

Remember, all these lessons are part of the Free Training Series about How To Get Started With Making Money Online. You can always write a comment here or ask me questions if you need help.

Lesson 1 - Starting The Online Marketing Business
Lesson 2 - How Does Making Money Online Work
Lesson 3 - Finding Your Niche Business
Lesson 4 - How To Create A Niche Website
Lesson 5 - How To Make Your Website Look Better
Lesson 6 - How To Get My Website In Google
Lesson 7 - Create Blogpost in WordPress
Lesson 8 - How To Edit Menus in WordPress
Lesson 9 - How To Find Keywords in Google
Lesson 10 - Congrats On Completing The First Level - Now, Moving To Level 2

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