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Welcome to my page “Help Me Earn Money Online” where you can ask any questions you have about earning in the internet.

It is sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed when you start something new. I certainly remember when I started doing an online business, I felt out of place and was extremely confused. Hence, this is a place where you can share your questions, concerns or any feedback you have.

It can be about how you’re dealing through your initial stage with making money online, with it’s legitimacy or anything you feel like. With all the discussion, it’ll be a great way to also help others that might be wanting answers and needing encouragement. Feel free to look at my profile by clicking here.

A few tips for those that are completely new:

  • Always ask questions. Never be afraid about it being a stupid question. Every uncertainty you have is something that others may have too.
  • Make sure to start fresh. Use up a new email address when you sign up to different affiliate programs so you don’t deal with any clutter from the email that you use regularly.
  • Be honest to yourself. If you’re struggling, this is the place to also share it out. I’ll reach out to you personally for any guidance necessary.
  • Lastly, have fun! This is an incredible journey. Don’t stress out over little stuff. If you have fun, you’ll start doing well.

P.S. Please make sure all the questions/comments are strictly related to online and affiliate marketing/business to make it as beneficial as possible for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Earn Money Online!”

  1. Well, I certainly feel the same way. You see, the key to succeed in affiliate marketing is know what is essential. And how to do that? Simple, ask question and learn from it. If you keep on asking, eventually it will grow to you the basic and you will know how to deal with certain situation. And keep in mind to not be too hard on yourself. Keep breathing and enjoy your journey.


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