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It’s no surprise that internet is the place where a lot of the people in the world spend the most time on. In fact, recent data shows that over 4.7 billion people use the internet daily!

I came across in Google and thought I’d check it out. Since I review different products online, this one seemed like an interesting one to dig into.

Quick Summary

Rating: 6 out of 10 
What is it?: Opportunity to earn income for people 
Cost: Free to join!
Who is it for?: People that are looking for side income, not full time income
Recommended: YES, for those that are looking for small, short term income 
NO, for those that are looking for long term, full-time income

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Table of Contents:

What is

With, you can either earn money or pay to improve your online business performance. 

Since this article is about how you can earn money from, I’ll only be highlighting the points that will allow you to earn revenue from Maybe in the future, I’ll discuss how you can also get help for your business – but for now, let’s talk about getting paid options.

If you go to the link above, it’ll take to you a page where you can earn money pretty quickly. 

This website is designed for people who can help other internet users by filling up surveys, helping them with grammars, editing, proofreading etc. 

It is FREE to sign up and that’s the part that I like the most about it. You can be a citizen of anywhere, be located anywhere and can get paid after your work is finished. 

There are 11 ways for you to get paid through Clickworker. 

Let’s go through all of them. 

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Types of work at

1. Text Creation

The first way for you to earn income in Clickworker is through something called ‘Text Creation’. It’s for those people that enjoy taking notes. 

text creation method for clickworker

The idea is essentially for you to be a text writer who is able to write in topics that are given to you. You could be given a topic or a template and you’ll have a certain time to deliver. 

Examples of the topics that you may need to write on would include descriptions of hotels, fashion items, software, towns, cities etc. It’ll again vary on who you’re getting that task from. 

What You Need to do to be a text creation writer?

After you signup process, you will be tested with something called an ‘author assessment test’. This is required for everyone and the idea of the test is to see what level of quality you have. 

Depending on your test score (graded from 2-5), you will be given the appropriate task. You will be paid higher if you score better, so you want to make sure you do your best. 

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2. Categorization

This section actually has a broad realm of items and something that everyone that wants to make a quick buck can participate in. It can be you analyzing data including videos, photos, texts and classifying them into different terms or groups. 

If you’re someone that is good at finding information in the internet quickly, this is also the topic that you can get into. 

categorization for clickworker

It has the benefit of having flexible hours and in fact allows you to work whenever you want to. Typically this kind of work is readily available so when you want to make a quick buck, you log in, find work, complete the task and get paid.

Some examples of tasks in this section: 

  • Can you make sure that the result in the search aligns with the request that’s being given?
  • Find a few landing pages and give the reader the one that has the most efficient information
  • Verify if there are any adult or inappropriate content in the website

What you need to do to be an expert in Categorization?

This is one of those tasks that anyone can get into – it’s easy to deliver and there is a lot of work in this section. 

What this also means is that you need to be active on in order to find this job. Since, it’s easy to make a quick buck with this, lots of people are also eyeing to find jobs here. 

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3. Copy Editing

This is a task designed for those that like editing texts that is already written. 

Do you have a passion for correcting and want to use your talent to earn some money on the side? Perfect!

We are looking for copy editors who can edit short texts to the given topic for us. These can include descriptions of cities or products, as well as many other topics. This always depends on the current job situation.

copy editing for clickworker

Unlike text creation where you had to write on a given topic, this requires you to make sure the written text/document delivers the requirements for the given subject. 

Some examples include, editing description of cities, products etc. The exact detail depends on what kind of job is given at that particular time. 

What you need to do to become a copy editor?

This is for those people that have a good knack for attention to detail. It’s extremely important for you to have a good command in your language in order to be performing this job. 

You will be performing this task after the proof reader has finished checking grammar, spelling, content etc. so your task is the final edit before it is published. 

It’s important for you to be critical with your edit and ensure that both the author and the proofreader has highlighted exactly what is required in the text. You will also be able to give suggestions to both the author and the proofreader so they can improve next time they complete a task.

Good practices to follow for this role…

In order to do well and get this work, you need to first work as an author and a proofreader at This will help you build your skills but also provide trust within the community. 

You might also need to take an assessment before you become a copy editor. This is an important task, so if you do well, you’ll be rewarded with more tasks to complete. 

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4. Proof Reading

This is for those that like correcting the mistakes that writers make. Majority of the proof reading would be for short descriptions of cities, hotels, software etc. Obviously, it’ll be dependent on what job is available. 

proof reading for clickworker

Your feedback will help the author who wrote the text and you doing your job well will help the copy editor so that he doesn’t need to correct too many mistakes.

What you need to do to become a proof reader?

Your language skills are extremely important here. Whatever language you’re proof-reading on, you need to be able to correct the text while keeping in mind that the content makes sense. 

If you want to be a proof reader, you can get started quickly after you do an assessment at Ideally you’d want to be a ‘text creator’ before you become a proof reader. 

This is help you build your skills while also making you better qualified to receive jobs. Since you’ll also be assessed, you want to score as high as possible here as higher score will result in higher pay. 

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5. Research

This is quite a simple job that allows you a quick buck. Your main task in this section is to find the data on the internet as requested in the platform. 

These tasks could be things like finding addresses, or updating existing data or some other simple tasks that may be required. 

research for clickworker

What you need to do to become a researcher?

It’s a super simple tasks and no qualifications are required for the task. You will be asked to do a quick assessment but as long as you are able to perform some test research, you’ll be good to go. 

Something to take in consideration for this would be that it maybe highly competitive to find tasks. As it requires no qualification, more people can be in the pool. So I’d recommend keeping an eye out for jobs as much as you can if you want to do this task.

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6. Surveys

Surveys are simple and anyone can participate. Each survey is typically targeted at particular group and depending on your group, you’ll be asked to offer help. 

All the surveys are completely anonymous so you can get a few bucks easy if you want to make the effort.

surveys for clickworker

What you need to do to take part in a survey?

Super simple and for everyone! Just create an account in and keep an eye out for surveys in the profile. Anytime you find it in the dashboard, just complete the survey and get paid. 

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7. Mystery Visit

Another super simple job. You just require an observant set of eyes and a smart phone with a good camera. 

Whether you are strolling in a mall or a shopping street, just take pictures of the items in the required location. There are shops and local businesses in every corner of the world, so anyone can take part in this. 

Do you have an observant eye and a smart phone? Do you enjoy strolling through the shopping area or mall in your hometown? Then you’re just the right person for our shopping jobs.

mystery visit for clickworker

It could even be you going to a restaurant and taking pictures of the food that is being asked for. The task obviously depends on the requirements, but it’s super simple for sure.

If you’ve Googled for restaurants/businesses in your local area, think of the pictures that’s posted there. Your role would be something like that. 

What you need to do to be a mystery visitor?

This is again pretty straightforward. No qualifications necessary. The only thing that this task depends on is whether you’re in the location that the task requires you for.

The good thing is there are business literally in every corner of the world, so chances are you’ll get a task for this job if you keep an eye out in the dashboard. 

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9. App Testing

This is another one that pretty simple. Almost everyone has a smartphone now so it can be done by anyone! 

Your role is to test out the new app that is planning to be launched and you test it as a potential user to see if it gives you a good user experience. 

app testing for clickworker

This is a super simple task that’ll only require you a few minutes of your time. You get the task done, you give feedback and get your earnings. That’s it.

What you need to do to be an app tester?

This is again for anyone that wants to take part. You would need a smartphone or a tablet so that you can test out the app. If you have any of those, you can participate.

You just need to create an account online and get started with work when you see it available. Super easy. 

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10. Photo Capturing

This is similar to the mystery visit task, but just that it wouldn’t just be to shops/restaurants. Your task here is to take pictures of the things that is asked for in the description. 

photo capturing for clickworker

What you need to do to be able to capture photos?

You just create an account in and be on the lookout for any pictures that might be asked for. You need to make sure you have a smartphone with a decent camera.

If you have that, you are good to go and can start getting paid right away.

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11. Audio Recordings

With everything in audio these days, this role is high in demand. All you need is a smartphone that records your voice for this job. 

“My voice is my password.” As quickly as you read that sentence is just how fast you can earn money with our audio jobs.

audio recordings for clickworker

You’ll be given certain instructions to read or say out loud in your smartphone to record. Complete the task as requested and send it across. You’re done. 

What you need to do to be an audio recorder?

One key thing that is required here is your language proficiency. You need to be able to be cohesive with your audio and enunciate the words accurately. 

You might be assessed for your speaking abilities before a task is given to you. But if you’re proficient if your language, you won’t have any issues. You just need a smartphone and an account to get started. 

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12. Video Recordings

Similar to audio recording, videos are always the most trending on the internet. If you are able to follow instructions and like taking videos of things, you can complete this task. 

video recordings for clickworker

The great thing about this task is that there is a high demand for tons and tons of videos. There is even different categories within the video recording section that you can choose from. It’s a fun and creative task that you can make a quick buck from right at home!

What you need to do to be a video recorder?

This is also a job for anyone that is interested to take part in. If you have a decent smartphone, you are good to go. Remember that there is tons of demand out there, but also a lot of people wanting to do it.

It’s easy to do, incredibly fun and doesn’t require any qualifications or a hassle. So if you want to take part in this, keep an eye out in your dashboard. 

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The Good

Quick Money

One of the best part about working with clickworker is the quick access to money. You just need to do finish the task that’s given and you get paid. 

Unlike more of the long term ways to get paid, this one is very different. You get a very quick reward for the work that you do. 

Access to Anyone from Anywhere

This is also a big point for Clickworker. You can be from any corner of the world and still get paid. You don’t need any qualifications and you don’t need to put in too much effort. 

One of the problems with earning online is that there are country or residence restrictions. With Clickworker, you just need to have access to internet with a smartphone and you can get rolling. 

**To get paid, you also need to create a PayPal account as this is how they send you your payments.**

Do It At Anytime

A great thing about clickworker is that you can do this at anytime you want. It can be when you’re in a train commuting to work, or while waiting for your class to start or if you have 30 free minutes. 

The task can be completed quickly and some of them are readily available. No commitment required unlike other programs. 

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The Bad

Very little income potential

If you were hoping to make money online so you can quit your job or start a business, this won’t be it. The website says it themselves that this can be ‘an extra income’ kind of job, not full time.

Even if you try to find work constantly throughout the month, the most you can earn is a few hundred dollars. It can be great to get some extra cash, but soon it’s easy to get sick of it as you don’t have the ability to earn more. 

No Official Training

Since all the jobs available are simple and easy, there is no learning or training that you can use later on. A lot of the times when you get enrolled in affiliate programs, you get trained and you’ll get an understanding of ways to make unlimited money online. 

Unfortunately, clickworker is not one of them. It’s awesome to just get paid for your labor, but you won’t get the passive income that tons of other people on the internet are making. 

No Community Support

This is one of those tasks that you do when you feel like you want to do it. You don’t have any feedback or community that you can reach out to see how you’re doing at work. 

One of the reasons I like affiliate programs is not just because it has a chance to get paid full time, it also provides a community that’s keeping you accountable and keeps you encouraged. 

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Recommendation for Long Term

As good as clickworker is, I wouldn’t suggest you think of doing work in for a long time. Yes, it can be a way for you to earn extra cash, but definitely don’t bank on it for you to provide you a living. 

Instead, I recommend you look at other ‘good earning potential’ ways to make money. I have some of the ways that you can genuinely make great income online. 

Yes, for long term, sustainable income, you do need to put in effort. And you won’t get paid as quickly as you would with Clickworker. 

However, you can grow your income exponentially with affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate. One way you could look at Clickworker is to make it a transit before you move on to focus on your full time earning online. 

I’d recommend if you are in serious need of cash, go ahead and start But at the same time, go through this FREE training so that you can start learning on how you can make high income online. 

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Final Thoughts

One of the reasons I gave a rating of 6/10 is because it can’t be long lasting. Personally when I tried to look at making money online, I wanted to find a way to give me full time income. 

I wanted to get out of having to report to a boss and having the flexibility of my schedule. I wanted to spend more time with my family. 

Perhaps if you are in a situation where you absolutely love what you’re doing and just want to get some extra cash, you can think about doing this long term. 

But, if you eventually want to find a path to make full time income online, I’d suggest you start the free training program as you get tasks and work in Since it also pays you pretty fast, you can use that extra money for your training material or if you go premium for affiliate programs. 

Getting paid working online is easy. With the right training and process however, you can really leverage the online community to earn a full time living while being able to grow you online business to unlimited heights!

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  1. This is truly a great review on Clickworker.  The information is so thorough and presents a full description of every aspect of the program.  The different ways to make money from anywhere at anytime is awesome.  Depending on how much time it would take working on any given day to earn a couple of hundred bucks, this would be great.  However, if the ultimate goal is to earn passive income even while you sleep, this is not it.  Thank you for your honest opinion of the program.

    • Thanks for your comment Patricia! Yep, this is definitely not a program for passive income but to help you earn a couple of hundred bucks. Glad it helped 🙂

      • Sure Parmi. I want to know, did you try making money from this platform? How much work is it to make a few hundred dollars?

        • I personally didn’t try making money because the payout is so small – I wanted to focus on building my own business than to work for the petty cash. I did create an account though so it’s a pretty straightforward process if you want to try it out.

          In terms of the how much work, it depends on what kind of work you’re looking for. For example, if it’s just taking a picture in your nearby store and posting it, it would just be like a 5 min task for a couple of dollars. For other tasks, it may require a little more time. But be assured that all tasks are easy to do.

          Hope this helps Patricia 🙂

          • Ah yes this is very helpful Parmi. I understand it is not really worth going for and working hard for this. This is not a program where you can make money while you sleep so it is not something that I want to focus too much time on. Thanks Parmi.

  2. Your review of possible ways to earn an income online is very detailed and informative. The variety of ways a person can earn an income online is impressive. I myself am not interested in this company. However, I do know several retired teachers who may be interested. The variety of ways for them to earn an income may be helpful to supplement their retirement income. I will certainly pass this information on to them.

  3. The availability of various sector in this business is where I find interesting and with this, there is no limit to those how the wolf is getting involved with click worker they can get paid. I love proofreading and copy editing and with these very simple categories, one can easily make money and also through the survey. Making some side income would be a nice idea

      • Parmi I was going through some of your articles here, I love your thorough and detailed approach. How long do you take to finish each article?

        • Appreciate that JMason! Well, it depends on what type of article I’m writing. But for each article I like to do a full research and get a good grasp before putting anything in. Nowadays, I usually plan ahead of time so I can finish an article in a day – probably a few hours depending again on how much I already know on the topic. What helps me is the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I’m in. It provides you tools to secure a good, thorough article and how to avoid pitfalls. Check it out if you haven’t already.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to clickworker. It really sound like a viable option to consider for an extra income, the tasks looks simple and fun, I really think it can also be a good way of encouraging teenagers to utilize their time online productively and earn some money, I will certainly give it a go and start recommending it to others.

  5. Wow very wonderful post. I am always looking to find new ways to make money and seems like a good one. Do you know how much money I can make from this?

    • Great question Collins! Well, it depends on how many work you are able to find in their dashboard – but each finished task typically will give you 1-2 dollars. Because there are a lot of people looking to grab those tasks, you need to be in the constant lookout. I’ve seen from their website that even successful ones make no more than $200-300/month. Are you looking for sustainable long term income or just a side income?

    • As of right now, it doesn’t seem like they have an affiliate program. I’d say affiliate programs would be good if they gave bigger payouts to people, but since it’s just a ‘clickworker’ job, you can’t make much money anyways.

      Even successful clickworkers only make a couple of hundred dollars a month – so it would lead to very little payout even if they opened an affiliate program for it anyways. I’d recommend you check out my recommended platform if you’re looking for affiliate programs. They have tons of programs for you to promote while also teaching you how to be very good at it.

      Thanks for your comment David 🙂

  6. This is a very good article. I also read your article for earning money online in many ways so that gave me more ideas to make money and monetize my niche blog. This one is good for me because it gives me chance to make some money quickly so I can use that to fund other costs for building my niche blog. Thank you so much.

    • So glad this helped you Chinthaka! That’s very well said and is a great attitude to have. A lot of times I see people not start their online businesses or start training because they feel they can’t afford it – so with your attitude, you’ll definitely see success soon! 🙂

  7. I believe this kind of program works well with people that may struggle to provide income for web hosting and domain purchase. This is a great method for someone to be able to earn income to pay for their full time online business. I had not heard about this option before but thanks for sharing.

  8. You have given a great review here of It is very detailed, organized and thorough and now anyone that is looking for anything regarding this platform can come here on this website and get a full understanding. I agree that this should not be used as a full time strategy but only a starting strategy until you start making full time income from other resources.

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