Can You Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate? – 10 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!!

Welcome to my page that answers your question: ‘Can You Make Money At Wealthy Affiliate?’.

The big question anyone has before signing up for any training is whether that training is worth it and whether it produces results. Even, it if it is for FREE.

I was in the same boat and certainly tried to review multiple different types of learning tools before I chose to give it a go with Wealthy Affiliate. What helped me decide was the successes and real stories of people that have learned and done incredibly well with the platform.

The main purpose of this article is to let you see it yourselves on how Wealthy Affiliate has helped people. I’ll highlight 10 people’s stories and how you can use that as a tool for your own motivation.

If you want to get started with the training that they all did, you can start for FREE right here. I put in a TON of time and research for this so I hope you find this helpful!

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Table of Contents

10 Success Stories

All of these are just examples that I found when I dug into the platform a little bit. There are tons more success stories out there and new success stories created every day, so I do apologize if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member and your story is not in here. 

But I may make another one in a year or so, highlighting new success stories. 

The idea of this post is this. No matter who you are, where you are from or how old you are in life, this program is absolutely a secret sauce to success.

Unlike a lot of those scams and quick money schemes, the process here truly works – and I hope you get the same kind of inspiration that I got when I went through all of their successes. 

Let’s get started!

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1. Eddy made MORE THAN $1 MILLION with Affiliate Marketing!!

I love the story of Eddy. In short, Eddy has made more than $1 million with Affiliate Marketing after he joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

Eddy is a stay-at-home dad and started his career in affiliate marketing in 2007. He actually worked in Corporate America for most of his life until 2008 when he was finally able to quit and go online full time. 

over 1 million dollars from Eddy

You can click on the image above to go directly to his blog where he shares his $1 million mark and talks through his journey. Eddy is one of those guys that just puts his head down and gets to work. 

Unlike other people that like to show off what he’s done or get attention, Eddy doesn’t care about any of that. In his own words, he’s a ‘sharp shooter’. He just keeps doing the work that he learned from the Wealthy Affiliate training and he sees the result. 

Since he joined Wealthy Affiliate, he has mastered SEO strategies and now even gets paid to do consulting for the big corporate companies!!

Recently he was asked to be a director of SEO strategies for a Fortune 100 company which he does has part time work. So not only is he making tons of money online, he also has part time gig that gives his extra cash.

All this thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. He’s just a regular guy who didn’t know anything about online marketing and now he’s living a life full of freedom and income from multiple streams. 

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2. $4k/month for Eric in 1 YEAR!

Eric is a firefighter from Texas and was completely new to affiliate marketing when he started in January 2017. He has been a firefighter since 2002 but he knew he didn’t want to be a firefighter forever.

He loves to travel and that’s one of the main reasons he was seeking an online way to earn income.

over $4k/month in a year

Feel free to click on the picture above to take you to his blog that talks about it. 

He started in January 2017 with zero knowledge but he made it to the Super Affiliate trip to Las Vegas by November 2017! That’s 11 months for a FREE trip and already making almost 4k/month!! 

Since then, he’s made it to Vegas every year and has been helping tons of other people inside the community. This is one of those stories I really like because it truly shows Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it works!!

He contributes all the success to the Wealthy Affiliate training and his mindset that he acquired from the training. 

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3. Steve and Amanda make over 8k in just one month!

Steve started to look around for ways to earn online income for a very long time without finding much success. He first stumbled upon a scam in 2007 when he lost $50 for an online course.

He was only a college student then and that money was big for him. So, he was determined to find a way and help other people avoid scams so they don’t go through the same thing he did.

That’s when he found out about Wealthy Affiliate. It was in 2009 and once he got in and learned what it had to offer, he never left. 

steve and amanda make over 8k in just one month!

Eventually he also got his wife Amanda into his website ivetriedthat and now they make a full time living out of it. He has been consistently making over $100,000/year. 

He now has multiple websites that give him multiple source of income and is a great mentor for people that are new!

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4. Jack makes MUCH MORE money than his Corporate Job – over $100k!!!

Jack joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2013 but he did so with a lot of skepticism. He is from Singapore and was working full time in a corporate job. He hated it because he couldn’t spend much time with family.

He was scammed multiple times before and lost thousands of dollars when he tried to find ways of making money online

jack makes more money now than in his corporate job

Exactly when he was in the verge of quitting, he found Wealthy Affiliate. He wanted to try something that he didn’t need to pay to begin with

Quite quickly he realized that Wealthy Affiliate was a program that truly was helpful and could help him. He quickly upgraded to Premium and started building his site. 

Within 3 months, he got his first commission. And he got more and more. 

Within a few years, he was making more than he he could have ever imagined working full time. Beginning 2017, he has consistently been making over $100,000/year. 

Now Jack couldn’t be happier and now helps people that might need a hand avoiding any scams online. 

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5. Jerry made $40,000 in just 4 hours!!!

Jerry’s story is very inspiring and one that I like to read quite often. Jerry started his journey in 2016 when he was just 18 years old. 

He dropped out of college soon after he learned the potential of earning online and how college wasn’t really teaching him anything. So he worked tirelessly to learn and make a full time income.

Jerry made $40k in one night!

Click on this picture above where he shares his story of making $40k in just one night. Obviously, you can’t expect this kind of result immediately. This happened for him after 3 years of hard work. 

But, what’s most inspiring is that within a year, he was able to live independently, have an apartment with his girlfriend and even teach how to succeed online to others that are seeking. 

He credits all the success of his initial learning and foundation to Wealthy Affiliate. Of course, you need to keep learning from other places too, Jerry says, but the foundation is absolutely the best in Wealthy Affiliate.

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6. Grace made over $100k in just 4 YEARS!!!

Grace, who goes by littlemama in the platform, also shows all of us how hard work pays its dividends. Grace was an accountant and even earned a CPA before she started Wealthy Affiliate. 

But after he first child was born, her life changed. She didn’t have time for work, so she became a stay-at-home mom. They didn’t have enough funds for daycare. 

Grace made over $100k in 4 years!!That’s when she found out about Wealthy Affiliate. Feel free to click on the picture above to show you her blog post about her making over $100k in 4 years. 

She went through the training and more importantly followed everything that was asked of her to do. She says it was super simple to do because everything was laid out for her down to the tee. 

Now, she not only makes a great living online, even her husband is on track to leave his job because they’re making so much income. They have now gained multiple streams of income and they both know income is only rising from here on!

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7. Over $12,000/month for Nathaniell!!

Nathaniell is someone that is genuine, authentic and has ton of great knowledge! I learn from him so much! His story is also very interesting. 

He started to search for ways to make money online while he was teaching English in China back in 2010. Then he found Wealthy Affiliate

Over $12k/month for nathaniell!

He not only never left, he made over $10,000/month only after 18 months of work!! He says he got all the nitty gritty details from Wealthy Affiliate that really allowed him to leverage his online money making skills. 

He is one of those guys who is very humble yet so supportive and helpful. He never open discloses much of his earnings, but going through some of his videos, he says it clearly that he has consistently made 6 income figures for years now!

He’s someone that’s super involved within the community and will always answer back to you if you need help. 

Take Action like Nathaniell!

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8. Roope made $2,200 in 20 hours!!

I like the story of Roope. He’s from Finland and joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. He was raised by a single mother so didn’t have much financially growing up.

He actually wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher and even pursued it for a while, but soon realized he wanted to find something that would give him more financially while also allowing freedom.

That’s when he found Wealthy Affiliate

Roope made $2,200 in 20 hours!

Click on the picture below to take you to one of his recent blogs that talks about his recent earnings. He now lives and works full time earning money online. 

He has made more money than he ever imagined and more importantly traveled more than ever before. He credits all of his success to Wealthy Affiliate because it taught him the right training and methodology for success

What’s also cool is that he now has built a YouTube channel and has grown it to almost 50k subscribers in a short amount of time. This is also through the skills and training that is taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

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9. Tim quit construction – now makes 6 FIGURE INCOME!!

Tim is from Australia and used to be a construction worker. He had a small construction business but realized that wasn’t something that gave him much flexibility. 

He also tried studying in a university but soon realized that he didn’t want to work for anyone anyways so didn’t see the point of studying much. 

But he liked the idea of online business. He would have the flexibility and also would have unlimited potential to earn online

Tim quit construction - now makes 6 FIGURES!!

He fell into a few scams before he finally stumbled upon wealthy affiliate. He knew he found a legitimate way to make a full time living online while helping people. 

He has multiple streams of income and consistently makes six figures! His goal is always to be customer focused and follow the training online. Anyone that follows the Wealthy Affiliate training can achieve what he did, is what he always says.

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10. Vitaliy has made over $1 MILLION!!

Vitaliy has been trying to make online since 2005, when he was 19. He signed for Wealthy Affiliate in 2007 and he’s never left since.

He was in a bad situation when he started. He fell into a lot of scams and only had $30 in his bank account when he joined Wealthy Affiliate

Vitaliy has made over $1 Million!!

He’ll also tell you that it wasn’t an easy process. It took him a lot of hard work and consistency for him to get to a place where he was able to earn full time online

Now, he consistently makes six figures and has amassed over $1 million through his time at Wealthy Affiliate. He’s also one of those that is always available in the platform. 

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Mindset of all these successful people

Okay firstly, if you’re reading till here, a big kudos to you. It really shows that you’re committed to succeed and want to take a grab on your life. 

You want to live in your own terms and not on someone else’s. You’ll realize that all these successful people did not know ANYTHING about internet business or affiliate marketing when they started. 

Having spoken with multiple of them myself and understanding how they are able to achieve success, here are 4 things that they all have in common. 

1. Continued Persistence and Hard Work

You need to be willing to persist and persist. The only person that doesn’t succeed online is that person that gives up. The information on the steps they took to success can be easily found. 

The process and the training they took is easily available. 

The only difference now between you getting there and staying where you are is whether you’re willing to work hard and continue working hard until you reach your desired level. 

2. Clarity and a Plan

Having a clear goal is extremely important to reach success. Imagine a ship that is leaving the harbor. The ship always has a precise goal of where it is going to reach. 

It has a plan and executes the plan so it reaches its destination almost 100% of the time. Can you see how if a ship didn’t know where it was going, it would probably either not move at all or go to a deserted island?

It’s the same with your getting paid online journey. Be clear with what you want, and then have a plan to get there. Then soon, you will. 

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3. Right Attitude and Mindset

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it

One of the most important things to have when you’re starting a journey is to have the right mindset towards it. You know why? Because you will have struggles even if you know exactly how to do something. 

You will get all the training and support to it, but if you’re unwilling to see the world with the right attitude and use struggles as opportunities, you’ll most likely quit. 

Because quitting is the easiest thing anyone can do. It’s so easy to just go back to your old life but do YOU have the right mindset to push through the struggle?

4. Take Action and Follow the Process

Lastly, every single successful member that you saw above took action. Taking action trumps all the other attributes to achieve success. 

You can read all you want, you can watch all you want but if you just consume without implementing what you’ve learned, you won’t get anywhere. You’ll probably feel worse because now you know how to do it, but you get lazy to not do it. 

So what’s stopping you now? Are you ready to get started? 

Let me ask you this. 

Do you want to live you life and be in charge? Or do you want to be in your deathbed hoping you had taken action. All the people that are making a full time income started with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can start now too!

“The Only Impossible Journey Is The One That You Never Begin” – Tony Robbins

Take Action Now

I hope you find this inspiring and gave you hope just as it did for me. If so, I’d love for you to comment and share it with people that might also benefit from this.

Thanks a lot 🙂


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  1. Hello there!

    Those are really amazing and very inspiring success stories that came into reality through Wealthy Affiliate. I can say I am glad to have seen this article because it really has a great impact on me. I also can’t express how happy I am to be a part of wealthy affiliate because I am certain that my ability to succeed is very high.


  2. Wealthy affiliate has been a name that I have seen on so many sites to give you the right training to help you grow your business and make money for yourself. I didn’t know there were so many people earning such amount of money with the training. I’m actually impressed with the figures these people are making from the platform and I’ll try to get into the platform myself and learn. Thanks a lot. 

  3. The only word that comes to my mind when reading your post is…WOW! I have never been more proud of WA with these stories like yours! thank you so much, Parmi! 

    I actually just posted on WA about my very first sale! I even said in it there is hope. 

    What is your story? I would love to read it someday 🙂 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be, I have been here for only a bit over 2 months and I love being here because it’s such a great place to be because everyone is so helpful! I would love to tell you about my story someday. 

    Have a great day, can’t wait to read more from you 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Rebekah! I’m so glad you’re starting to see success after the Wealthy Affiliate training too!

      You can read my story here on the about page, but I’m just a normal guy as well just like everyone here on the list.

      So glad you’re enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and also that you found this helpful. Feel free to pin this page or add it to your favorites so you can come back to it when you need inspiration. Good luck and I know you’ll have an amazing story to share very soon! 🙂

  4. Wow. This article might just be what I need to delve into at this time. I joined Wealthy affiliates and being the cautious person I am, I paid attention to just selling my products. This went so slowly. I began to wonder if there was anyone who really made a success out of this venture. I am now quite encouraged and I have bookmarked the page for future reference. Thank you Parmi.

    • Glad to hear that this helped JJ! It’s so important to remain focused and motivated when you’re working online and seeing other people constantly who have done well can be a great source of inspiration. Feel free to come back anytime 🙂

  5. Personally, I think that as long as you put your mind to it and do not give up, you can accomplish anything in life and the same goes. With Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll say the same thing as well. If you keep targeting the right keywords and strategies that it teaches us, you’ll definitely get a certain outcome of success. Thanks for sharing all theses success stories with us. Now, I am all pumped and ready to work!

    • Glad to hear this helped Nuttannee! Yeah, there are so many more stories out there and it really gives us assurance that the training and the program works! Good luck to you!

  6. This is so motivational. One thing I have seen in them all is the story of persistent and dedication

    Even Jerry who was eighteen, it happened after three years of hard work. Many complain it does not work 

    This is just because they fail to put in the hard work and consistense. Thank you for this, I joined WA 11 months ago. I have started seeing some 100dollars monthly, but this tells me with more work, I can and will make more money 


    • That’s 100% accurate Parameter. It’s all about persistence, dedication and hard work. So great to hear that you’re earning income, that shows you that the training works. Now for you, it’s just a matter of grinding in work and seeing the results. Good luck 🙂

  7. A great list Parmi and it gives me a lot of motivation reading through it. I love this about Wealthy Affiliate. We have so many great stories and it gives me free access to get in touch with any of them right away. From what I have noticed, they are also very kind and helpful and always reply back to you. Thank you so much for this wonderful post.

  8. This is a wonderful post Parmi and it is very motivational for me to read through. It seems so easy when you read but I know it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I hope I can be as committed as the people here.

    • Appreciate your comment Collins! Sacrifice and hard work is what takes anyone to the success and the life they desire. If you have the right attitude and the mindset, you will be committed to sticking with your schedule too. I like to think of Tony Robbins quote here – ‘you need to turn your “shoulds” into “MUSTS”.


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