Hi everyone, my name is Parimal, but I go by my nickname “Parmi”. And if you’re wondering, yes I am a real person, just like you. This is a picture of me when I did a trek up in the Himalayas a couple of years ago.

Let me backtrack and give you my story.

I was born in Nepal (where Mt. Everest is) but I actually lived around in multiple countries around Asia growing up. Eventually I went to Iowa in the United States to get my higher education. After that I moved again to Dubai a couple of years ago, and as of 2020, I’m still here.

How I got into learning making money online?

I actually learned about the details of making money online back in 2017, when I read an article and I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate – a platform that teaches you how making online works. 

But, here’s what happened.

I was too busy at work. I was a recent grad then and had just acquired a full time job, which required me to be busy the whole day – and I was just too exhausted to be working on it at night. I got a taste of my first income online though, and that was when I knew I could make money online. However, work was getting too much for me, and I decided to forget about it.

I got back in again a year later. I felt I had a little more time in my hands, even though I was working full time, and since I had already gained knowledge about how things worked, I could speed up my process to making money online.

I had a great momentum going at that point and even started earning income within a month after I was back in groove. But, I had another unexpected event take place. My grandfather passed away. I thought I’d be okay, but after a few weeks of doing his funeral rituals, my mind was just not on it. I just again chose to forget about it and focus on my full time work.

Even though, I wasn’t active, I was still a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. And I kept seeing a lot of success stories keep coming out. I always knew this worked, but never invested enough time on it. So in November 2020, I joined back again and started the website.

In fact, I even made a list of all the success stories from Wealthy Affiliate for you to see in this website.

Why did I make this website?

Well, quite frankly, I just felt that for new people that are looking for ways to make money, there’s just too much clutter on the internet. As someone that is just getting started again, I felt that I’d be able to see from your lens and provide honest reviews and feedback of my experiences so you don’t have to go through all that clutter.

I also have a full understanding of affiliate marketing (as I’ve learned about it since 2017) so this website is also for you to ask questions. 

This website is still in its infancy, so I will be updating it with relevant information on a daily basis. Feel free to ask me questions and also go ahead and do a free signup to where I started my learning journey 3 years ago. 

I’m active daily, so I’ll get back to you ASAP if you want any more information. 

“The Only Impossible Journey Is The One That You Never Begin” – Tony Robbins

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